Accidents were a recurring theme on the show Ax Men which featured Shelby Stangas and his logging co-stars causing bodily harm to themselves. Many fans had previously accused its showrunner, Shelby of staging the accidents on the show.

The American reality star first got the taste of limelight after being featured on the Discovery Channel show Man Vs. Wild alongside Bear Grylls for a post-Katrina episode. Since then, he has starred on History channel’s Ax Men -- a show that chronicles the lives of several logging crews.

The Swamp Man:- On a video dated back to 2013, History channel released a montage of Shelby's memorable moment on TV (Published on 4 August 2013)

In 2013, Shelby featured in a spin-off show aptly titled The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man.

Shelby Stanga’s Wiki-Like Bio: Age & Family

Born in 1960, Shelby was raised in Bedico, L.A. At the tender age of nine, his family moved to the swamps north of New Orleans.

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It was in the swamps of New Orleans that he found his true home. Growing up, the Ax Men star along with other family members - mainly cousins: Kelly, Jimmy, Louis, Jhonny, and Richard - spend days and in many cases weeks in these swamps.     

Shelby, age 58, has been a logger all his life. At the age of 16, Shelby made his first lucrative haul while working for a dredging company when he dragged his first sinker cypress log on the Tangipahoa River.

How Much Net Worth Does Shelby Stanga Posses?

Bear Grylls was in New Orleans to film an episode on post-Katrina swamps for Man Vs. Wild and they were looking for a guide. Because Shelby’s name kept popping as a recommendation, he was eventually selected to guide them through the swamp.

The 58-year-old’s antics at the duration of the filming of the episode caught the attention of Thom Beers, the producer of hit reality show such as Storage Wars, Deadliest Catch, and Ice Road Truckers.

Thom at the time was developing a new series called Ax Men. Despite hesitating early on, Shelby finally agreed to join the show in 2009.

Impressed by Shelby’s on-screen persona, the executives at History Channel handed him his spin-off show titled The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man in 2013.  With that, Shelby collects a hefty salary of $70,000 per episode of his TV show.

The Swamp Man’s stint as a reality star has made him a rich man. He accumulates a staggering net worth of $2 million. Moreover, he has over 20 companies in his name which definitely aids him financially.

Shelby Stanga’s Personal Life: Wife & Kids

Despite Ax Men running for nine seasons between 2009 and 2016 on TV, Shelby has successfully kept his life a private affair. Occasionally, he shares the picture of his wife Donna and dog, Willy on Facebook.

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Willy is the closest thing he has to show for kids. As for kids of his own, the 58-year-old has either opted to keep them away from the public sphere or never had one.

Family Of Three:- Shelby shared the snap of his wife, Donna and his dog, Willy on 19 September 2015 (Photo: Shelby Stanga's Facebook) 

Besides that, Shelby Stanga updates about his work and family on his social media accounts. Seemingly more focused career and work rather than his family matters, he keeps prioritizing his work.

On 13 August 2018, he shared a post via Instagram regarding the premiere of the series on which he starred The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man.

Well, it may be biased to tell if Shelby only focuses on his career as he is also seen spending time with his friends and adding theories to the fact, he keeps sharing the post related to his friends and besties. Moreover, his posts include the adventurous works he carries out throughout his day and career as well. 

But what does remain a public knowledge is his police arrest in 2011 when he was arrested for chopping down his neighbor’s cypress tree. So, does that mean Shelby’s off-screen personality isn’t much different than his on-screen personality?

Death of Shelby Stanga’s Co-Star Due To Helicopter Accident Prompts Investigation

When the news of William Bart’s death due to a helicopter accident broke, speculation of Ax Men being a staged show stopped for the time being.

The grieving fans instead shifted their focus to the safety regulations adopted by the show. They theorized that the producers’ attempt to shoot showy actions for the camera might have caused William’s helicopter to crash.

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Their cry for accountability behind William’s death prompted a detailed investigation.

Initial reports about the incident suggested that the accident had occurred after the rotor blades of the helicopter which William was flying malfunctioned on its own.

Shelby, however, left the incident unscathed.

Are Near Death Accidents Featuring Shelby Stanga Fake In Ax Men?

Shelby himself has had few scares with death while filming breathtaking stunts for the show. On numerous occasions, the show Ax Men has made it seem like Shelby likes putting his life on the line and as a result has sustained countless accidents.    

For years, fans of the Ax Men have questioned the authenticity presented on the show. There are forums being created to discuss the realness of the show. Writing on Ax Men Forum created at, a newbie fan of the show posted:

I am very new I watching Ax Men. But it did not take me long to see that the show is fake and it's all staged for the camera. There is no way in HELL; all those accidents can happen in real life!! I mean, those men cannot be that stupid and not put safety at first at all times! I love Shelby Stanga, but I don't want to watch more of that staged show. I have lost interest :-( It's such a shame the need to fake it to film it! MAN!!! What a shame!

Likewise, the relatives of Ax Men stars have publicly called the show staged.