The American Song Contest is the spinoff of the beloved show Eurovision that will kick off in 2022 on NBC. 

Eurovision has never had the United States on the show. But now, Americans will get their own version next year. 

During its 2021-22 upfronts, NBC came forth with the exciting news that the show would be held mid-season sometime in 2022.

An official release date is yet to be announced. 

One Singer for Each State

For those of you unaware, the show's premise is that contestants of all 50 states, five US territories, and Washington D.C will compete for the title of 'Best Original Song.'

The American Song Contest will have a series of qualifiers, leading up to a semi-final and, of course, a grand final. 

The contestants can be either a solo artist, a duo, or a band with up to six members and will represent a single US territory.

Finally, the best of the best will be crowned the winner. 

Finding the Best of the Best

According to Lonely Planet, the show will feature "all singers with a song."

It is of no concern to the show whether competitors are amateur artists or already signed to a major record label. 

The outlet also reported that the actual competition would take place during the holiday season of 2021 and be televised later. 

But before that, the Propagate Content and American Song Contest production team will create an American Song Contest Academy consisting of music professionals based in the US who represent all genres and all backgrounds. 

The members of that academy will then create juries of artists and other figures from the music industry who, along with the regional audiences, will come up with the top talents fit to represent each of the states. 

65 Years of Entertaining

Eurovision Song Contest has successfully been run across Europe for over 65 years, and in 2022 will make its debut in the United States as well. 

In a public statement reported by Express, the executive supervisor of the show, Martin Österdahl, explained the show's rich history that has connected people from far and wide. 

As one of the successful franchise owners, Österdahl claimed to have seen how the show had found a place in millions of hearts across Europe and beyond.

He added that the showrunners were excited to have found the perfect partners to share this unique competition, its passionate celebration of music and original songs with the American people.

Eurovision Song Contest has been responsible for launching global icons like ABBA, Julio Iglesias, Lordi, and Celine Dion. The show commands a massive viewership of over 200 million people every year. 

As reported by Billboard, Ben Silverman had his eyes set on bringing Eurovision Song Contest over to the states before he found Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

He then went on to describe the singing show as an amazing spectacle and a pure celebration of the best in music and the best of what music could be.