From working in a rodeo circuit in Illinois to spending his days being a commercial tanned mountain man, Tom Oar relished in the difficulties he faced in Montana's wilderness. Yet, he is now surviving his days off at Mountain Yaak Valley in Montana while encountering nature. 

American native Oar is famous for his appearance as a cast of the History Channel reality series Mountain Men, which particularly shows a group of men living a handpicked life in the United States' remote areas.

Here are some wiki facts regarding his age, wife, family, and net worth!

Tom Oar Wiki-like-Bio: Age, Family

The mountain man was born in Illinois. His father, Chike Oar, worked for a Wild West show in Illinois and shaped his interest in adventures. He was a horseman, and he let his son Tom and his brother learn trick rides.

Growing up in an adventure-filled environment, Oar eventually got interested in being a rodeo rider. And, his interest was supported by his mother as well. She would drive him to the edge of the town, after which she would hitchhike to Ohio with his bull rope and rigging bag. He would, then, hire bulls and horses to practice riding.

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Following his passion, he established himself as a champion rodeo rider in the International Rodeo Association by the early 1960s. And, he thrived on the platform until retiring in1981.

Currently, at the age of 78, he lives in Montana, being one of the mountain men and the reality star of the show Mountain Men.

Oar's Net Worth Enriched by Tanning Animal Hides

Oar has been living in the wild for quite a long time, and it is hard to accumulate wealth when you live in a remote place at least 50 miles away from the nearest grocery store. However, his appearance as the cast of Mountain Men has allowed him to accumulate a net worth of $200 thousand.

He also makes his earning by tanning animal hides. Tanning has so far has contributed to increasing his net worth by more than $4000.

Everything he makes on the show for survival sells as merchandise, and the mountain man has been making money out of it, though in small amounts, constantly.

His Married Life With Wife Nancy Oar

The Mountain Men star is married to his wife Nancy Oar for more than forty years. The couple lives together in Montana, where Nancy assists her husband in carrying out his day-to-day activities.

Both of them are originally from Illinois, and after he left the rodeo circuit, they moved to Troy to live in a hand-built log cabin for five years.

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As of now, Oar and his wife settled in a remote land of Montana’s Yaak Valley, living solely on terms with the things nature provides.

In Nature: Tom Oar poses with his wife Nacy for a picture in a remote land of Mountain Yaak Valley in Montana (Photo: 

With their escalating age and a happy relationship, many suspected that they would have children. However, the couple has never really mentioned having children, which is as strange as it seems.

But with the bonding he shares with his wife, it's likely that he doesn't need any family to relish his life.

He Had Two Children With Ex-Partner

Though not with his current wife, Nancy Oar, Tom is a father to two children from his previous relationship with Jan Frazer. He and his wife had given birth to a son Chad Oar and a daughter named Keeley Oar. But they parted ways later, and Tom married Nancy, while Jan married David Frazer.

Sadly, Tom's daughter Keeley Oar is no more. She died on Apr. 26, 2015, in St. Petersburg, USA, at the age of 49.

As for his son, Chad is relishing his life in St.Pete, Florida, with his partner-in-crime, Kim Burnette. He is also featured alongside his father in the History Channel's show, Mountain Men

Tom Oar Now: Living with Nature

As of now, Tom Oar lives in the Mountain Yaak River Valley in Montana with his wife, Nancy. The couple is far from the hustles of the city and is living off tanning animal hides.

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They both appear on the screen, rambling and fighting with survival needs on the sets of Mountain Men. The show's ninth season with 12 episodes ran from June  2020 to August 2020.