American television host and author Rodney Demery has faced tragedy not only in his family but also in his personal life as both of his marriage did not work. However, he is moving onwards from his past failure and enjoying the beatific moments with the family.

The long-serving lawman is popular as the host of the crime documentary True Crime and as the narrator of Murder Chose Me which airs on Investigation Discovery. 

Sneak Peek: The short preview of Murder Chose Me hinted homicide detective Rodney Demery's personal connection to the crime (Published: 28 August 2017)

Rodney is a former detective in the violent crimes unit, who served 14 years with 100% confession and solve rate being the lead investigator. He is also the author of an Amazon's bestseller book Things My Daughters Need to Know in 2011.

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Rodney Demery's Short Bio: Family Tragedy At Young Age

The veteran investigator was born on 27 December 1966 in the United States. He attended the Louisiana State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 2004.

Rodney's family life is full of tragedies. At the age of 3, his mother Barbara was murdered by his father Jerry Armstead in 1969. However, the murderer was charged with his crime without malice.

Later in his 20s, Rodney had to face another tragedy in his life. His brother, Patrick, murdered a friend stabbing him repeatedly. Those two incidents shaped Rodney's destiny. He chose his career to be a crime detective and solver following his childhood tragedy in his family.

Illuminating Career To Overcome Rodney's Tragedy

Rodney initiated his career in Navy, the branch of the United States Armed Forces. He became the homicide detective in 1999 at Louisiana area for more than 16 years. His law enforcement career includes investigations in sex crimes, burglary, armed robbery, and narcotics.

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In 2016, he was called to the Judicial Court, where he serves as a homicide screening and special investigator. In the same year, he started hosting the crime documentaries in the Investigation Discovery. Rodney has published several books that include his best selling of 2011 Things My Daughters Need to Know: A Cop and Father's View of Sex, No Place For Race: Why We Need to Address Economic and Social Factors That Are Crushing Us Every Day (2013).

After all the tragedies in his life, Rodney, as of now, relishes on both his professional and professional life, which is often evinced in his post on social sites.

Why Was Rodney Dedicated To His Profession?

The passion that the homicide detective showed for his profession is enough to prove that his work as a homicide detective was always the biggest part of his life.

In the fourteen long years in Shreveport PD, he never failed to amaze his fellow collegues. Some would even feel worked out from his heightening success in the field. But he knew better than to take a break.

From working on a case for 72 hours without a break to devoting his time relentlessly in the investigation, Rod found his resort in the obsession for his job. He was too content to focus on re-building his marital status. And now that he is retired, he fondly reminisces the passion that drove him to work. 

Marriage–and very little else–got my attention, in those years. I’m sure some can work homicide and maintain other things, but I couldn’t….But I solved cases. For me, that fulfilled all that a person seeks: God’s command, identity, self-actualization, clarity, and peace.

But the tragic history of homicide within his own family still haunts him. He wouldn't deny that the intriguing incident was one of the factors he thrived to create justice. 

Rodney Demery Moving Onwards With The Family!

Rodney is a twice-married man; both of his married did not work as got divorced twice. However, he is happy and performs his work as a single obsession. He thinks that marriage got less attention as he focused on his career.

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The 52-year-old is a proud father of nine children and spend quality time with his children which can be seen on his social media. One such instance was on 6 May 2018 when he shared a picture with his children on Facebook.

All Smiles: Rodney enjoys quality time with his children in May 2018 (Photo: Rodney Demery's Facebook)

Similarly, he uploaded a picture of his family enjoying on his Instagram on 8 June 2018. He wrote a caption demonstrating his love towards the family stating that there is no place like home. It is for sure that Rodney is enjoying his singlehood with his children.