While her siblings are in their thirties and forties, little Aaren Simpson remains a 2-year-old little girl who died before she had the chance to live, whom the fate was at it’s most brutal. Aaren’s self at two years of age was forever engraved into the memories of her family and well-wishers—never to grow older.

Aaren was the third child of former American football running back, O.J. Simpson, and his ex-wife, Marguerite Whitley.

With a heavy heart, we provide you with wikis about little Aaren, providing details on her siblings and parents.

1. Aaren's Wiki- Like-Bio: Age, Parents

Born on 24 September 1977, Aaren Simpson would have been aged 41 by now had she lived—maybe with a two-year-old daughter of her own.

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Her parents, O.J. and Marguerite, met when they were in college and married at an early age: O.J. was 19 while Marguerite was just 18 years of age. Prior to her birth, the couple had already been blessed with two children; the eldest daughter Arnelle and a son Jason.

2. Aaren Simpson's Death Coincided With Separation of her Parents

The seemingly smooth marital life of her parents took a hit by the time she was born. O.J. had met his soon-to-be second wife, Nicole Brown, in 1977, and problems had started to appear with Marguerite. Separated the previous year, Marguerite and O.J. were officially divorced by March 1979.

On an ominous day on the August of the same year, Aaren fell into Simpsons' family pool in California and had to be admitted to the UCLA medical center. She remained in the coma for eight days before meeting the death.

It was probably the tragedy of his beloved daughter's death that O.J. didn't get married to Nicole until 1985 even though they were together since before the tragedy.

3. Aaren Simpson's Father’s Murder Trials

One of the most infamous high-profile courtroom drama of the history was O.J. Simpson’s trial for the murder of Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

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After seven years of marriage and two children—the siblings Aaren was never to meet—a daughter, Sydney and a son Justin, O.J. and Nicole separated in 1992. Like any other divorce, their divorce certainly wasn’t amicable, but what shocked the world most was the cold-blooded murder of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, two years after the divorce.

Untainted by Death: Simpson children attending Hollywood premiere with their parents before the murder of Nicole (Photo: Liverampup.com)

O.J. was accused of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, who O.J. probably took for her lover. After prolonged courtroom drama, huge media attention, fans divided on whether condemning or defending O.J., he was finally acquitted of all charges.

4. Aaren Simpson's Siblings Live Reclusive Life

Sometimes when your parents have garnered all the attention in the world, and not the positive attention, you most likely start hating the recognition. Probably that is the reason why all the siblings of Aaren live quiet lives, away from media and their troubling cameras.

Aaren's father OJ married twice and had five children in all, including her. The youngest of the Simpson sibling’s, Justin, from Nicole is a real estate agent and lives in Florida. Sidney, also born from Nicole, is probably the most reclusive of all the siblings, and according to wikis lives in Florida with her boyfriend.

According to the wikis, Aaren's biological brother Jason is a chef and lives a quiet life in Atlanta.

The eldest, Arnelle, is the one sibling who is seen on the headlines most often as she refuses to leave her father’s side. And old man O.J. is not a man to remain out of notoriety and headlines; he has been accused and a few times convicted of various crimes.

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Had dear Aaren not met her early death, had the fate been merciful to her, we probably would be talking about present whereabouts of one more Simpson sibling. But alas!