Reality star Ami Brown looked at the face of her struggle with cancer that had blown out her candle and stood tall as she found a new light of hope to go through her life with a smile. 

Ami Brown is mainly known as the mother of the Bush Family from the American reality television series, Alaskan Bush People. The reality-documentary series introduces the Brown family that lives far away from civilization in the Copper River Valley.

Here are some captivating wikis on Ami Brown’s lifestyle, husband, net worth and her battle with cancer.

1. Ami Brown’s Bio: Age, Husband Billy Bryan & Family

Born on 28 August 1963, Amora Branson Brown is originally from Texas. She was away from her family for almost forty years and married her husband, Billy Bryan Brown just at the age of 15 in 1979.

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Ami has a massive family with Billy as she’s raising seven children. Her eldest son, Matt Brown took upon the family business as he began fishing and hunting at a very young age.

The 55-year-old television star adores her youngest daughter, Rain, who’s the princess of the family. Ami’s older daughter, Snowbird is a wild-spirited girl who loves climbing and hunting, along with her five older brothers, Matt, Joshua, Bear, Gabe, and Noah.

The family refers to themselves as a ‘wolf pack’ and possess an accent of their own. Ami is the mom of the family, and she handles all the vegetables, herbs and flowers that she grows like an expert.

2. Ami Brown’s Bragworthy Net Worth

It may sound surprising for people living in the wilderness to muster an enormous amount of fortune, but Ami and her family have a net worth of millions.

Some fans were not impressed to find out the people they thought were struggling in their day-to-day lives didn’t have that much trouble in their off-screen lives.

According to sources, Ami’s family can afford 40 acres of land in Colorado with their wealth. Their current property in Washington state is 500 acres that are seven miles away from the roads.

3. Ami Brown’s Discovery Of Cancer: Hitting Rock Bottom

In 2017, Ami faced the gravest point of discovery as she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She suffered from a form of arthritis in her neck called, cervical radiculitis, so she didn’t pay much attention to the intense back pain she was feeling.

After the doctor’s scan, it was clear that it was a stage 3 lung cancer. Her cancer limited her on things she enjoyed to do on a daily basis.

When the family found out about Ami’s cancer, they wasted no time to move to Southern California as she had to go through 12 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy.

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The family shared one hardest thing in common as they had to watch Ami in pain. There was a point where she weighed only 77 pounds, and she was given a three percent chance of survival.

While talking to the People about his Ami's battle, Billy said,

She was just a few pounds away from dying. She tries to hide it from everybody but four or five times a day she bends over like a baby and cries.

But Ami hadn’t lost hope even when she faced a near-death situation, and just like any other day, when the family was visiting the doctor for treatment, Ami was announced cancer-free for the moment.

The family was shocked when they heard the news, probably because Ami had been given a low chance of recovery as her health was rapidly deteriorating.

4. Ami Brown Wears Optimism Concerning Her Health

After the announcement of her remission, Ami has revealed her positive thoughts during the hard time and her belief in God.

She was never ready to give up even when faced with the low probability of survival and had the will to fight against it.

During the talk with the People about her remission and struggle with fighting cancer, Ami confessed,

Worrying about it only makes it worse. There is hope and that hope is having faith in God. You can’t give up. I tell people be happy. Just be happy. It's a choice. Things can be hard and you just want to curl up but you have to shine.  

The fact that Ami beat her stage 3 cancer didn’t sit well with so many people, resulting in accusations of her sickness being staged for the show.

But the rumors don’t matter to Ami and her family as they’ve experienced the dread first hand and were given a chance to reminisce and develop a stronger bond.

Whole Package: The entire Brown Family lets people know about their return to the show on Instagram on 13 August 2018 (Photo: alaskanbushppl's Instagram)

Through the constant support of her family, Ami was able to maintain her sanity and battle through her sickness without having second thoughts.

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Ami is going to have to deal with cancer for the rest of her life as it may return anytime. But she has remained an optimist in her fragile age today and is already ready to appear in the 8th season of the show, Alaskan Bush People.