For Elena Gant, the birth of twins was a cause of triple celebration. Not only did she welcomed two lovely kids into her life, but she also managed to achieve a physical transformation after her twins birth.

Elena Gant is the star of American reality show; Little Women: LA which airs on Lifetime and her youtube channel about beauty tips.

Little Women: Watch Elana Gant and other short women as they take on with life and their friendship among each other (published on 26 July 2018)

Here is everything you need to know about Little Woman, Elena Gant, including the wikis about her age, weight loss, net worth, height, husband, and twins.

Elena Gant Wiki-Like Bio: Age & Height

Born on 14 July 1987 at Russia, Elana was diagnosed with dwarfism at an early age. Her parents, seeing the abnormality in their child, were embarrassed about her short height and bowed legs. They tied her to the bed for two years to correct the faulty physiology in her body. 

What's more, she was even stuffed in trash bins during her young age. Despite all her difficulties, Elena's mother and sister supported her all along and helped her survive the childhood that she could do without.

Elena came to America all the way from Russia for a Little People Convention at the age of 16. Amazed by the glaring lights of the Hollywood, Elena decided to settle down in the States and pursue a career in showbiz, not thinking one bit about how her short height of 4' 4" might hinder her dreams.

Little Women Earned 'The Little Woman' Her Name

In 2014, Elena joined the cast of Little Women: LA along with other eight dwarf women, going by their day to day activities and exploring life and friendships. Like all the reality shows, Little Women: LA has its fair share of drama. As it often happens among friends, Little Women fight amongst each other and then make things up later.

In a similar fashion, Elena recently lambasted against her fellow Little Woman Tonya Banks regarding Tonya's relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Similarly, a while, Elena angered her close friend jasmine Jasmine Arteaga Sorge by not including her in one of her entrepreneur ideas. It is these little quirks that have lasted Little Women for seven seasons and yet more to come.

The show opened up other possibilities for the little star, and she also appeared in a movie Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death (2017) before which she had worked in Real Husbands of Hollywood and Non-Stop to Comic-Con.

Elena Gant's Other Ventures And Massive Net Worth

She also hosted the reality Television awards 2015. Furthermore, she is also a beautician and provides beauty tips through her website which is followed by millions. Elena also has a youtube channel which has more than 180K subscribers and a combined view of more than 6 million. 

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Through her acting career, beauty tip site, and youtube channel, she has earned a massive net worth of $2 million, according to our wiki sources.

Hollywood Stardom Also Gave Elena Her Husband

Her stint in Hollywood not only gave her name, fame, and money but also a life partner. She has been married to American actor and producer Preston Gant since 2014. Her happy family also consists of twin sons, which the loved-up husband and wife welcomed in April 2016. 

After her pregnancy, she shared in an episode of Little Women; LA in 2017 that one of her twins son had inherited her gene and would grow up to be a dwarf, but another son would grow up to be of standard height.

Despite Elena's disappointment, she added that she would raise him up in the best possible way so that he could face the world for what he was.

Apart from a ton load of happiness, the birth of her kids brought another change in Elena's life. 

Elena's Weight Loss After Pregnancy Is Exemplary

The reality star of short stature dismayed the world when she announced that she was expecting twins in March 2016. 

Despite the fears of complicated pregnancy relating to her anatomical deficiency in carrying out two children, she gave birth to two lovely and healthy sons in March 2016. However, the star gained a lot of weight during and after the pregnancy period.

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But the star has completed a remarkable weight loss regime and flaunted her post-pregnancy body in her Instagram on March 2018. The star flaunted a flat tummy and perfect curves with her followers quickly labeling her the 'Kardashian of short people.' 

Elena Gant's remarkable before after photo after weight loss in March 2018 (Photo:

The star has completed a remarkable weight loss and looks the same as before the pregnancy. What's more, it has left many of her fans wondering how did a slim trim, toned down lady was able to carry twins inside her for nine months.

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Despite the tough upbringing and troubled childhood, the star has overcome all hurdles and managed to establish herself as one of the most recognized short women in the whole planet.