For Rob Delaney, the loss of his son was a devastating event which charred his life for good. However, the actor's lousy fortune has been followed up by good news about the newest arrival in his family. 

The 41-year-old multifaceted personality is an actor, a comic and a writer. He made a niche for himself in comedy after starring and co-writing hit sitcom The Catastrophe with Sharon Horgan. 

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While other comedians were hesitant to share their notches on social media, Delaney became the first one to do so. Not having any issue about using social media to publish jokes, he is often seen delivering it amongst his 1.52M followers on Twitter.

Where It All Started For Rob Delaney?; His Career Bound

Rob's first break in acting came with the series Wild Girls Gone which aired in 2007. However, he came into public eyes, not through his comic timing and acting but his Twitter feed.

In 2010, Paste magazine announced Rob's twitter timeline as one of the ten most funniest Twitter feeds in the world. What's more, in 2012, he became the first comedian to win the 'Funniest Person on Twitter Award' on Comedy Centrals' The Comedy Awards.

His twitter exertions led him to TV and were approached by Comedy Central for a new show @RobDelaney. The show, however, failed to materialize. 

After the failure to reach audiences through Comedy Central, he co-wrote a comedy sitcom with Sharon Horgan The Catastrophe whose first season aired in January 2015. The series received critical acclaims and top ratings and even BAFTA nominations for Rob and Sharon.

What's more, the series was universally loved by audiences and has already been signed off for the fourth season. Apart from The Catastrophe, Rob also has a full feature film credit Deadpool 2. Rob plays the average guy Peter in the movie with no superpowers, and his character was so loved that it had its own Twitter handle.  

However, he is not just limited to acting as he has written articles for reputed names in journalism including Vice and The Guardian. His article in the Vice about Texas politician Rick Perry's hatred towards the gay community and the damage they had been doing was highly read and applauded.  

2019 Bound; Rob Delaney Will Be Starring In Roger Ailes

Rob Delaney, best known for being the co-star and co-writer of hit TV show 'Catastrophe', after making it bit with Deadpool 2 has signed up to star as one of Megyn Kelly's producers in Jay Roach's untitled Roger Ailes movie alongside the likes of Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie.

The 'Deadpool 2' star is all set to take on the role of one of Megyn Kelly's producers in the motion picture, which will tell the story of the downfall of Ailes, the former Chairman, and CEO of Fox News and Fox Television Stations, who will be played by John Lithgow (Deadline.)

Know About Rob Delaney's Personal Life

Born on 19 Januray 1977 in Boston Massachusetts, Rob graduated from the famed Tisch School of Fine Arts in1999. He majored in Musical Theater and specialized in Jazz, Tap, and Ballet. 

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He moved into London in 2014 after spending his entire teenage years in the states, and that is where he continues to reside with his wife, Leah. The actor in May 2016 cited his wife's name as the funniest person he has ever met and also credit her as the woman behind numerous jokes he cracks.

The actor and his wife have two living sons together. The couple's third son Henry was born on 16 April 2015, and shortly after his first birthday, Henry was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Rob and Leah's son had surgery to remove the tumor in 2017. However, cancer returned in the winter of 2017, leading to the inevitable. The actor announced in February 2018 that his son had lost the battle with cancer and had died peacefully.

The actor penned an emotional farewell message via Facebook to his deceased son on 9 February 2018 and thanked everyone for helping the parents grieve the loss. 

Vows To Make Memories With Other Kids, Reveals Wife's Pregnancy

The actor, on his Facebook post, revealed after his son's untimely death that his family and his elder kids had been the reason of keeping him sane during the crisis. Despite, the family being devastated about the news, he also revealed that his wife's and other two kids' love in action had left him surprised.

Heartfelt Condolence: Rob Delaney pens heartfelt condolence for deceased son and promises to make newer memories with other kids on 9 February 2018 (Photo: Rob Delaney's Facebook)

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What's more, the actor added that he now wanted to create unique and merrier memories with his kids and partner. He explained that he was greedy to share his older boy's experiences. 

The actor and his wife are already in the process of making newer memories together. The actor tweeted a thank you message to NHS and Midwives on 30 June 2018, where he disclosed that his wife was pregnant and expecting the couple's fourth child barely five months after the death of their son. 

The comedian is already in the process of moving on from his late son, and with a funny wife and adorable kids, creating newer memories is undoubtedly fun.