Unlike many YouTubers who set off on their YouTube journey out of sheer passion, FaZe Rain landed in the YouTube world out of redemption against his deadly despair. YouTube gave him pretty much of everything he has today; fame, career, net worth, and so forth. But above all, YouTube saved him.

FaZe Rain is a Canadian YouTuber known for the astonishing e-gaming skills he exhibits on his channel, and his fans have adorned him at his gaming gig, supporting his channel FaZe Rain to garner over 5.2 million subscribers. He is also a member of gaming squads-FaZe clan and Call Of Duty.

The Game Is On: FaZe Rain shows off his incredible gaming skill in his channel (Published: 23 Nov 2018)

The gamer also has a vlog channel under his real name Nordan Shat, where he opens up on his personal life to his viewers. This channel has an impressive fan base of more than 1.2 million subscribers.

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FaZe Rain’s Disturbing Background At Young Age; Nearly Killed Him!

The Canadian native was born as Nordan Shat in Toronto on 29 May 1996. He didn’t have the best of circumstances growing up. He and his sister grew up amidst emotional drama with parents who had a hard time getting along.

Disputes and arguments were frequent between his parents until one day when his father left without a remnant, damaging his childhood to the disparity.

The anguish he developed as a child slowly drove him to face depression, and it only got worse as he grew up. At one point, he turned suicidal and had to get a week treatment to recover from a failed attempt of killing himself.

His therapist advised him to get indulged in a hobby. And when he did find his new hobby, his life took a toll for the better.

Hobby Turned Career Showers Faze Rain With Net Worth!

Rain found e-gaming for his hobby to keep him occupied so that he could keep the depression under control. He found himself enjoying gaming videos and by the time he decided to create his own gaming contents, he was a pro-e-gamer.

The 22-year-old joined YouTube on December 2010, and his journey is becoming wonderful ever since.

Although the anxiety makes its way back now and then, just like it did in April of 2018, striking him with a breakdown, he is determined to hold on, not only because it’s his profession, but also because he can spread positivity and teach his viewers what he has learned. And he does that by opening up on his videos.

Come April, mid-April, I had my worst mental breakdown, like, of all time. I went through them pretty much every other day, if not every day. Some shit happened, I'm not going to lie. Self-harm shit. Ended up in a hospital for a few days, and then I ended up in a psych ward [...] I was around so many people going through problems one hundred times worse than I had.

He earns like every other YouTuber of his rank; an average of $4,200 per annum. He spends like every other guy with money would spend; expensive cars and stuff. But, there is emotion more than passion at what he does, and that’s what makes him different.

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Faze Rain’s Merch Is Out; Logo For Confirmation

Rain has found a fascinating way to put his popularity to use. He has launched his merch including hoodies and pullovers with his logo imprinted on their front.

Look At That Logo: FaZe Rain's logo merch is available on Amazon for purchase. (Photo: Amazon)

His fans are in love with the creation, and this startup shall add weight to his fiance. And with the soaring success, there is a good chance for him to impress a girl to turn into his girlfriend, cause apparently, the one he had was not impressed enough.

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FaZe Rain Had A Girlfriend, But Does He Now?

The gamer was in a relationship with a girl named Taylor. He made the reveal in one of his videos, ‘MEET MY GIRLFRIEND’ in December 2014. She also appeared on his social media posts.

Meet His Ex-Girlfriend: FaZe was in a relationship with former girlfriend Taylor for almost two years before parting ways in 2016. (Photo: FaZe Rain's Facebook)

However, the couple broke up during early 2016 as things didn't work out.

By 2017 Rain started giving hints on his new relationship with another girl named Apex. But he has not spilled enough for us to know his now position in the relation.

And even if things don't work again, he shall not worry for he has plenty of time and impressive physique complimented by 6ft. 3 inches tall height which would likely get the girls to fall for him.