Deposed FBI Director, James Comey’s wife, Patrice Failor (better know as Patrice Comey) faced tragedy; from losing an infant baby to seeing her husband get ridiculed publicly by the President of the United States -- she sure has seen it all.

Here we have compiled a bunch of fascinating wikis on her including her age, family, and marriage to James Comey. We have also squeezed her husband’s height among the wikis.

1. Patrice Failor & Husband, James Comey Are College Sweethearts

Patrice met her future husband, James as freshmen while attending the College of William and Mary.

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And according to James, who stands at 6’8'' ( in height, he first met Patrice when she helped him get nominated to run for president of their dorm council.

Reflecting on their early acquaintance, her husband in a 2014 interview with the Flat Hat News offered:

She let me talk about myself for three hours. Naturally, I walked away deeply in love with her, because she let me talk about myself, a habit which she has since fixed.

However, Patrice has disputed her husband claims of being introduced by a friend. According to her, they had met at a daiquiri party.

Friendly As Ever:- Patrice and husband pictured outside New York Times office located in Times Square in June of 2017 (Photo:-

Considering how they both met in college, Patrice can’t be more than 58 years of age.

2. James Comey Married Patrice Failor At Age 27

Patrice and James, age 57, got married in 1987 after little less than a decade of dating. Quitting his reputed post as deputy chief of a major crime division in New York, he along with his family moved to Virginia. Patrice hated it living in New York.

Speaking to the New York Magazine about the move to Virginia, James said:

My wife wasn’t digging New York. We wanted to live in a place where we’d both be happier raising our kids.

After spending a few years working as a corporate lawyer in Virginia, her husband’s occupation forced the whole Comey family return to the big apple. From then on, her husband would go on to become FBI Director.

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3. Patrice Failor Rooted For Hillary Clinton In 2016 Presidential Election

The 2016 Presidential Election in many ways proved devastating for Patrice. Not only did her endorsement of presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton resulted in vain but also the man she had opposed the most got into the office and later fired her husband.

Following Donald Trump’s election, the Virginia native was pictured attending the Women's March on the same day as Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

On 9 May 2017, Trump fired James after the latter had approved an investigation alleging Russian interference into the 2016 election.

Little under a year after her husband’s dismissal, she gave an exclusive interview to ABC News in April of 2018.

Wife To The Rescue:- Patrice shares moment when she first heard about her husband firing in an exclusive interview with the ABC News (Published on 16 April 2018)

Speaking on her husband’s firing, she added:

I knew that they were potentially on a collision course. President Trump was not an ethical person. I knew my husband was.

Patrice’s political and social excursions have been well documented. Shas testified in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee asking the officials for greater support for the disenfranchised children. Over the years, she along with her husband have fostered several children.

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4. Patrice Failor’s Suffered Family Tragedy After Losing Baby

As for their own, Patrice and James had six children altogether. But sadly they lost their fourth child - aged just nine days old - to a urinary tract infection caused by the Group B Strep Bacteria.

On 13 September 1995 Patrice peened a heart-wrenching column for the Baltimore Sun titled 'To save a baby.' She opened her column on a somber with the line:


She then revealed that they named their deceased son Colin. As for a reason behind sharing the piece with the world, she simply wished that sharing her tragedy might help save babies.

In the excruciatingly detailed column, Patrice painstakingly reflects on the time from the birth of Colin to his death. The doleful tone of the piece peaks when she writes:

Collin died in my arms on Sunday, Aug. 13, as I rocked him and softly sang him lullabies. A part of me died with him that afternoon.

The latter half of the column educates the readers on the GBS bacteria and how to access the treatment if you contract one. She concluded by writing:

Every baby I help save gives some meaning to Collin's short life and tragic death.

Abby, Claire, Brien, Kate, and Maurene are Patrice and James' surviving children.