Fans of Antiques Road Trip were sent into internet frenzy after the news broke out claiming the death of the show's beloved host, Mark Stacey.

The Welsh native made a name for himself by making several TV appearances on auction and antiques themed shows. His flamboyant persona and utter disregard for people's opinion when it comes to getting a deal done has made him a sensation.

King Of Antique Dealing: Mark Stacy examines antique vessel in his show Antiques Road Trip in (Photo: Antiques Road Trip)

In 2014, Mark hit a bargain when he was auctioning for the Colchester house and found an Egyptian Pharaoh, which later fetched him a cool $13.5Ks.

Mark Stacy's Bio: Age & Television Career

Born and bred in Neath, Glamorgan, South Wales, the Asian-Welsh TV personality was fascinated with collecting coins and stamps as a child. His childhood indulgence would manifest itself into an illustrious career as an antique collector.

He honed his skills working for the likes of Bonham’s and Sotheby's two of the biggest names in auction houses.  Mark exploited his talents as an expert in the ceramics department and gained valuable experience working there. 

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The antique guru, who lists himself as a gay, has also lent his expertise to the TV world and is the host of the British travel show 'Antiques Road Trip.'

The show features Mark traveling all over the UK in search of best deals on antiques and relics with all the proceeds from the show going to the charity.

Besides Antiques Road Trip, the 53-year-old also regularly appears on BBC's Flog It! and Bargain Hunt'- making him one of the biggest names in the show-biz. He's also a prominent figure on a similarly themed show: 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!'

A profile by BBC 1 on its showrunner read his specialization as 'Anything Regency or Art Deco, Lalique glass, Blue and White transferware.' 

Not just that, his expertise in arts and antiques once led him to be an Honorary Secretary of House Of Blues, a specialist collector's club.

As a veteran in the field of antique dealings, whose career spans well over 25 years, he has faced several ups and downs. His highs and lows didn't evade the public eye.

Mark Offering Expert Valuations On Antiques

It was on 16 September 2018 that Mark visited the Bridgend Charity Shop to offer valuations on the antiques brought by the members of the public. He offered the service from 10 am to 3 pm as his name came from working at some of the top auction houses in the UK.

Wales Air Ambulance area retail manager Donna Rogers shared the great enthusiasm to express about the exciting opportunity for people to have their prized possessions valued by Mark Stacey. 

There was a charge of £2 per item and £5 for three items to be valued during the event. The proceeds raised on the day were donated directly to the charity.

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Mark found the opportunity and he took it to spread his hands on the good deed of helping to raise funds for the lifesaving work of the Bridgend Charity.

Mark Stacey Comes Out As Gay

Born on September 23, 1964, as one of four children, he has two sisters and a brother. The TV personality had a tough upbringing and struggled with his sexuality in his early teens, having developed gay feelings. 

However, the 'Flog it!' host has now taken his sexuality in his stride and has become an outright LGBTQ supporter. Both on and off the internet, he can be seen advocating for equal rights of the LGBTQ community.

And in July 2018, he gave a personal seal of approval on ex-president Jimmy Carter's comments that Jesus would approve gay marriage, by retweeting the news and writing, Well Said Mr. President. 

Mark Dropping Subtle Hints On Mysterious Partner 

Not just that, he has posted numerous pictures with a mysterious hunk Santiago. Mark tweeted a picture with his partner and labeled Me and My Santiago in October 2012. Not just that, he posted a photo of him in a cast and Santiago driving him in a wheelchair in 2015. 

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In addition to that, he regularly mentions about his partner in his Twitter and on 11 July 2018, he tweeted condemned a bill, which stated every foreign national in the UK had to pay an additional fee of 65 pounds to continue living in the UK. 

He stated that his partner had been contributing to the UK's economy and should not be made to pay an extra amount.   

There have been reports about Mark and Stacy having already got married. However, with non of the pair confirmed the news, we might have to wait a bit longer to find out if they have married or the news is just another hoax to have been spread about Mark. 

Not just the marriage rumors, Mark also had to fend off death rumors in 2015, which led his fans to a great deal of confusion.

False Death Rumors Surrounding Gay TV Personality

On June 20, 2015, The Vancouver Courier published an obituary of a man named Mark Stacey. Coincidentally, the deceased individual seemed to resemble his famous 'doppelganger' in features and orientation, leading to fans of his show in delirium. 

Height Of Fake News: The obituary on Mark Stacy that took the internet by storm (Photo:

However, it was later discovered that the deceased Mark Stacy was not the Antique expert Mark but a Canadian national with the same name.

Ever since the advent of the internet, celebrities have lived nine lives, it seems.