While Dr. Nichole Saphire had her own share of hustles as a teenage mother aspiring to be a medical doctor, she set her own story as an inspiration to young women.

Even though she had people telling her that having her son so early in life would ruin her life, she was determined to prove this “notorious connotation of teenage pregnancy wrong.”

Her pregnancy was not the end of her story; instead, it helped her grow into the woman she is today as a medical practitioner at one of the world’s largest cancer centers.

Who is Dr. Nicole Saphier?

American radiologist Dr. Nicole Saphier is a full-time practicing physician and a Fox News Contributor. The author of Make America Healthy Again, Dr. Saphier, is also the director of breast imaging at Memorial Sloan Lettering Monmouth, a cancer treatment and research institution in New York City.

Dr. Nicole Saphier Became a Mother When She was Just a Teenager

Born in Scottsdale, Dr. Saphire comes from a linage of attorneys, pharmacists, entrepreneurs, and shop owners. Her father is a lawyer and her mother is a licensed counselor.

The Pheonix native wanted to contribute to medicine as a professional doctor, so she embarked on the journey of becoming the first medical doctor in the family only to find hurdles lined before her. 

During the senior year of high school, she got pregnant. While many believed that having a child so early would ruin her life, she found solace in having the freedom to make her life choices instead of being forced to unsafe abortion.

For the next 14 years, she spent juggling raising a child and part-time employment, followed by a full-time school. 

All her struggles paid off, as she now is a full-time practicing physician, and her dream of becoming a doctor has been a reality for the past six years. 


How many Children Nicole Saphier has with Husband Paul?

When she's not busy in her professional life, Dr. Saphire spends time with her three children and her neurosurgeon husband, Dr. Paul Saphier.

The pair met when both of them were attending the same medical conference in Arizona. Nicole was in medical school and Paul was in fellowship. Just like in the medical drama Grey's Anatomy, they met at a bar!

The happily married couple lives together with Nicole’s older son and two younger sons that she shares with Paul.