With her expertise, full-time practicing physician Dr. Nicole Saphier appears on Fox News shows such as Fox and Friends First time and again, advocating health-related concerns.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, Dr. Saphier has also been delivering her insights relating to coronavirus.

Saphier Voices her Support on Reopening Schools Post-Pandemic

While COVID-19 is hitting the entire world in different layers, the virus affects the children leniently. The dynamics between the two are thought to be puzzling and complex as most children are less likely to fall sick or transmit it to another person.

So when President Donald Trump urged local leaders to reopen schools, Dr. Saphier supported the President’s effort as she advocated for the importance of reopeaning schools to children development and implied that children’s safety should be maintained.

Like the many other front-line workers..., I have taken the information we have learned the last few months to keep myself, my family and my patients safe. I am diligently arming myself with a mask, goggles and face shield, as well as hand washing and physically distancing as much as possible while indoors – all of which has allowed me to continue caring for others while also living my life. As public safety, grocery stores and medical care could not stop, childhood development, especially in our younger children, can't either.

As a mother of three boys herself, she has argued that virtual learning is a great alternative but not a long-term and equivalent solution to in-person education.

...Not only are the educational fundamentals subpar with distance-learning, but the lack of physical interaction is detrimental to their mental health and social development, especially our children <10 years old...

She has further urged schools to create segregated bubbles in the school systems, just like in Germany. The “classroom bubbles” there limits the integration among students and teachers.

And if anyone from the bubble tests positive, then the “bubble” is put into two-week quarantine while the rest of the school operates without interruption.

 Additionally, she has also argued for the necessity of local, state, and federal services to deliver the required support to reopen schools safely and provide protective equipment needed.

Saphier is More Than Just a Physician

While Dr. Saphier excels in her profession as a doctor, her communication skills are on par too. Along with appearing on FOX News, she is also an author.

Her book Make America Healthy Again encourages people to take better care of themselves rather than depending on socialized medicine and the burden of society’s costly health care system.

Likewise, with coronavirus still haunting the whole world, Dr. Saphier has been very vocal about the availability of proper care for ill people. She has argued that if the health sector focuses on diseases that can be prevented, they would have significantly more resources for those that cannot be prevented—in this case, the COVID-19.

You cannot simply give an insurance card to everyone and say everyone can have ‘free’ health care, whether we are discussing private health care or public single-payer, because no system is going to work as long as we are still completely overrun with an illness that could have been prevented.

Her Influence on Early Cancer Detection Test

While Dr. Saphier advocates for all American healths, she specializes in oncologic imaging with her specialty-fellowship training in Breats and Oncologic Imaging at Mayo Clinic. She made a personal choice of specializing in breast radiology after what her Italian grandmother went through while dealing with breast cancer. 

While Dr. Saphier was in medical school, she watched her grandmother die from breast cancer because she was “too modest to go and get her screening mammogram.”

Going through this experience herself, Dr. Saphier decided to educate people on the importance of early cancer detection. She then lobbied for legislation that ensured the cancer screening tests delivered early, accurate, and detailed information.