Marty Caffrey led an average day to day life without the hustles of cameras and spotlights which, however, changed after his relationship flourished with troubled reality star Danielle Staub. But their romance didn’t last forever and ended in a very messy way.

Caffrey is a wealthy businessman who is best known for his appearance in the show Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) as the fiance of Danielle, whose proposal was featured in the show as well.

RHONJ: Marty Caffrey's wedding with Danielle captured by TMZ (Published on 6 May 2018)

And what's more; Marty made a lot of splashes in the newspaper columns after his marriage with the reality show star.

Marty Caffrey Belongs To Southern Jersey Origin

Marty, who came to limelight because of his relationship with Danielle, has spilled very little about his life. Besides his link with Danielle, not much is known about his personal as well as professional life. The information extracted from his personal life is as well speculations from the different hints given by Danielle herself.

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He is said to belong to Southern Jersey origin as per the nickname was given to him by Danielle, South Jersey boy. She also addresses him as a wall street boy hinting at his job with the wall street. Danielle, however, is without a job, and her only affiliation is with the RHONJ.

Marty Caffrey Dated Danielle Staub Since 2016

Caffrey started dating Danielle since April 2016 and the two kept their relationship open to all.

The couple shared numerous photos of their date nights and good times since the start of their relationship on their social media. Marty even surprised his girlfriend on Valentine's day 2018 with a bunch of flowers. Danielle was moved by the gesture and thanked her man for the flowers.

Marty Caffrey Married In Real Life With RHONJ's Daniel Staub

Wall street boy is what Danielle Staub calls her partner Marty Caffrey. And Danielle, the girl with 19 engagements and two failed marriage, seemed to have finally settled with her Wall Street Boy.

After dating, Marty moved a step closer to marriage by proposing to Danielle in May 2017 with a diamond ring. And after a year, the couple tied the knots and become lawfully wedded husband and wife and started a new phase in their life.

The couple got married in an intimate ceremony at the Luna Beach club in Bimini, the Bahamas on 5 May 2018 which consisted of just 60 peoples, including all the who's who of the real housewives franchise.

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The guest list also included Teresa Guidice, who infamously once called Danielle 'a whore,' along with Melissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs.

Sealed With Kiss: Marty Caffrey kisses wife Danielle Staub after their wedding on 5 May 2018 (Photo: Pinterest)

Danielle's kids from her previous marriages Christine, 24 years of age, and Jillian, 19 were also present at the ceremony to witness their mother say 'I Do.'

Marty Caffrey’s Wife Files Restraining Order Against Him

But the ‘I Do’ and ‘Forever and Always’ vows didn’t last long enough for Marty and his wife.

Just after 3 months of marriage, their relationship tarnished as his wife filed for restraining order against him for verbal abuse. In an interview with The Daily Dish (October 2018) his wife revealed the reason behind their sudden divorce stating:

There was allegedly some alcohol-related issues on his part and “it does change things. I think all of us it changes, I just don’t think it changes him for the better or his ability to maneuver through what’s going on. And I'm not the easiest person to live [with] either. I’m to blame for it as well, but I feel like I’m always the person who wants to fix people and it’s not fixable."

After the restraining order filed on August, Marty filed for divorce from his wife on August 14 at a New Jersey court and has decided to go separate ways. As of now, the pair have started their new lives with the divorced having been finalized. Danielle tried to dive into a new relationship but it seems when it comes to relationships and marriage, she does not have much luck. Two weeks after having her divorced finalized with Marty, Danielle was set to get married to her new man Oliver Maier. But their wedding was put on hold for unknown reasons. 

It seems love does not fall easy for Danielle Staub.

Marty Caffrey Puts House Shared With Wife On Sale Without Her Knowledge

But the mishaps in their relationship didn’t end here.

Marty and Danielle lived together with their youngest daughter while going through their very messy divorce in their 7,500 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 8 bath home that was built in 1950.

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But on November 2018, Marty put up his house with Danielle worth $2 million dollars on sale without her knowledge. His wife was devastated to hear the news and was left in tears.

The divorce between the couple sure didn’t end very well at all.

What is Marty Caffrey's Net Worth?

The couple's lavish wedding ceremony for friends and family suggests that Marty comes from a wealthy background and boasts a huge net worth. And the fact that Marty and his wife Danielle lived in $2 million dollars worth house in New Jersey strengthens that fact.