Kierra Sheard, who is a gospel singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and actress, happily married her husband Jordan Kelly in December 2020.

The married couple had got engaged earlier in June the same year. But Sheard only found the man of her dreams after experiencing toxic relationships in the past. 

Sheard and Kelly's Wedding

The 'Something Has To Break' singer took wedding vows with Kelly, an entrepreneur, in early December 2020.

Their wedding was held at a church with closed people as guests, including the couple's parents. The guest number was limited, keeping the pandemic protocols in mind.

Talking with Essence after the wedding, Sheard disclosed that the couple was planning a bigger post-pandemic marriage ceremony when large gatherings would be safe.

Sheard also took to Instagram to confirm her wedding while sharing a series of wedding pictures. She also expressed that she was honored to be Kelly's wife.

"I’m so excited and honored to be your wife," she wrote. "With God at the center, us staying committed, putting our work in it, Here’s to forever. Forever & ever. Just until the wedding celebration."

Previously, Sheard shared pictures of her birthday on June 20, 2020. The major difference on this birthday was the ring that she was showing off. She displayed that her then-boyfriend [now husband] proposed to her.

In excitement, she captioned the post, writing, "The man in my dream is now my reality."

Their Love Story

Sheard talked with Erica Campbell of Get Up! Mornings magazine in June 2020, where she revealed that she first met Kelly as a kid as they went to the same church together. Their mothers had grown up together, and so had they.

In the same conversation, Kelly also added that he had liked Sheard but was too shy to open up about it.

Meanwhile, she also secretly liked him, but the two never got the guts to confess. He had even begun "stalking her a little bit" and used to sit behind her during the Bible study.

The singer took the first step and asked Kelly’s sister, Ann, about him, particularly what kind of girls he liked. Sheard emphasized and asked Ann whether he would "date a big woman," hinting towards herself.

Ann went on to relay the question to Kelly; however, the two did not talk for about four to five months. Finally, Kelly had the nerves to talk to her and then took it from there.

Both of them are devout Christians and have encircled their relationship in religion.

She Was Previously Engaged to Another Man

The engagement with Kelly was not her first engagement. She was previously engaged before, and Kelly was her second fiancé.

Sheard was previously engaged to Dr. Welton Smith in 2010. Dr. Smith is a Detroit pastor at New life family church. However, she broke the engagement.

She also shared with Page Six in July 2020 that she was in a 'toxic' relationship once where she kept being cheated on.

The singer was intimately involved with her boyfriend and was expecting the same loyalty from him.

She was so involved and upset that she began "cussing and cutting." She even recalled how she had followed her boyfriend and tried to run him over with her car.

However, in the interview, she did not disclose the person she was in a relationship with at the time. She later got out of the relationship with the support of her family.

Kelly also revealed in the interview with Get Up! Mornings that it is not his first engagement either. However, he has not disclosed who his first fiancée was.

Today, both Sheard and Kelly happily relish their life with love and settled careers. Sheard, being a successful singer, has a net worth of $10 million, and on the other hand, Kelly is the owner of Backyard Bullies, a Detroit-based cleaning company.