Despite mentioning her mysterious boyfriend on her social media all the time, American Journalist Jillian Mele opted to maintain a low-key profile regarding a possible married life.

The 35-year-old Philadelphia native is one of the latest additions to the Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friend First co-hosting alongside Rob Schmitt. Before FNC, the award-winning journalist served as a co-host in various television networks in Philadelphia.

Another Day At Work:- Jillian and her guest Joey Jones discuss comments made by New York Democrat Andrew Cuomo on Fox & Friends First (Published on 20 August 2018)

Despite her busy schedules, Jillian always manages her time to be with her family and appreciates them for their love and support.

Jillian Mele Wiki-Like-Bio: Parents & Age

Jillian Bridget Mele was born on 17 September 1982 to parents Roseann and Thomas Mele in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has one younger brother.

Jillian gave a beautiful tribute to her mother, who was a registered nurse for more than 25 years, in 2010’s Mother’s Day via a mesmeric news article. She stated that her mother had always been there for her throughout her career and was one of the most important things in her life. Later on June 2012, she also appreciated her father through a Facebook post wishing him happy father’s day.

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There are a few interesting facts about her that many people might not be aware of. She danced for 13 years while she was in high school. She is also a huge follower of sports and a pro in playing golf and coincidentally her first TV job was in games as well. Her very first job was a cashier at O’Neill’s Food Market in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Jillian Mele's Body Measurements Including Height

Not just that, she is also a super ‘outdoorsy’ person. Jillian, who stands a height of  5 feet 8 inches, had climbed Mt. Sinai in Egypt in 2009 with her brother and also the majority of a Grand Canyon trail down. Even though she is a sporty person, she says that she still can’t ride a bike.

Through her athletic personality, she has managed to keep her body fit and healthy. She possesses slender figure with body measurements of 35-24-36 inches.

Jillian Mele's Career Height After Finishing College

As per wiki, she graduated from La Salle College with a B.A. degree at the age of 23 in 2005. She also studied communications for two years at the University of Scranton. And soon after that, Jillian landed her first television job as an anchor of WAGM-TV.

After working on several local televisions, she scored her most significant position of news anchor at Fox News at the age of 35 in March 2017. Before joining FNC, she served at CSN Philly and also earned an Emmy Award for her work.

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Jillian, who has drifted from sports to news throughout her career, serves as a co-anchor of the popular FNC’s TV series Fox & Friends First.

Most recently, Fox & Friends First became a trending topic after a guest -  Marine Corps veteran and New York state Assemblyman Kieran Lalor - said:

One of the problems is, why it’s hard to have a conversation, there is nothing worse than being called a racist. There is nothing worse for your career, there’s nothing worse for you as a person. And a lot of people don’t want to speak up because they’re going to be accused of being a racist. 

The episode which aired on 22 June 2018 was centered around the NFL's newly introduced policy regarding players taking the knee during the national anthem.

And when Jillian had professed to the obvious difficulties in having the conversation about race relations, her guest decided to chime in with the above-mentioned words.

Following the premiere of the episode, the 35-year-old host along with her guest received backlash from liberals and conservatives alike for their lack of understanding of race relations in America.

As of her love life, she has repeatedly mentioned her boyfriend on the social media but still hasn’t come forth with much detail on him.

Husband Or Not: Is Jillian Mele Married To Mysterious Boyfriend?

Back in 2013, she revealed that she has a Boston boyfriend while she was replying to one of her fans tweets. And later on April 2014, she posted a picture of her with a mysterious man but without any apparent caption on her Instagram.

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Likewise, on July 2015 she again shared an image of her with that same anonymous man on her Facebook but also without any specious hint.

Ambition Of A Rider:- Jillian Mele posted a picture of her with her possible boyfriend in July 2015 (Photo: Jillian Mele's Facebook)

Possibly that mysterious guy is her partner whom she frequently mentions on her social media. She seems genuinely in love with that man whose real identity is yet to be publicized.

However, till date, she has not announced when she is going to get married and take wedding vows with her boyfriend.