American actor and television presenter Jack Maxwell faced a shocking dejection in his life. However, he has been able to overcome the worst circumstances with the support of his family. And he puts on a happy face almost 24/7; a perfect compliment to his charming nature.

The native of South Boston, Massachusetts, Jack hosts Booze Traveler on Travel Channel. The show comprises of drinking local varieties of alcohol found around the world and knowing about the tales it prompts.

Picture From The Show: Jack Maxwell with the Executive Director Rod Cofield at London Town in 2018--a pub where he stopped to taste pint made in-house (Photo:

The TV host is also is well known for portraying the role of an estranged gay father in the 2009 drama movie Reconciliation.

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Jack Maxwell's Wanted To Be Actor From Early Age

Showing the passion for acting since an early age, Jack initiated his career as an actor in a romantic comedy film, Just Add Love in 1997. He has appeared in numerous movies that include Saving Ryan's Privates (1998), Cattle Call (2006), Irene In Time (2009), and Born To Ride (2009).

In 2001 he made a turnaround on his career being debuted in the television as a host of a newsmagazine show, National Enquirer TV. Jack has also appeared in several television shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed, and Ugly Betty. Jack started his show, Booze Traveler in November 2014. 

Jack, who stands at the height of 1.7 meters (5 feet 10 inches), has garnered the remarkable amount of income from his work and television shows. He has accumulated the net worth of $ 5 million at present.

Family Support Helped Jack Maxwell Ward Off Cancer

Jack faced a shocking thunderbolt in his life on the verge of career. He was diagnosed with blood cancer after a biopsy test in April 2016. The shocking news was revealed to his followers by him via his Tweet in December 2017. He was flooded with an enormous number of 'get well soon' messages from his fans.

Moreover, his supportive family helped him to move forward on his life by helping his rehabilitation after going through numerous procedures to cure the disease.

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Jack regards his mother and grandmother's support as the main reason for his positive outlook. The two strong women taught him to be positive under the worst situations.  

He decided to stay quiet about his cancer diagnosis and move forward for the treatment. The treatment did not seem to be terrible as after several chemotherapies he was cured.

Jack always remembers the support of his wife and kids, family, and friends for his positive step towards his life. Though he has kept his married life under his hat, he never fails to flaunt his joyous moments with his family on social sites.

Back in February 2018, Jack celebrated his mother's 77th birthday with a couple of prickly pear margaritas which he shared on his Instagram.

Similarly, on the occasion of Mother's day in March 2018, Jack Instagrammed a picture cheering with his mother and sister who are "one of the simple-but-great joys of his life.

Family: Jack enjoys with his mother and sister on the Mother's Day in March 2018. (Photo: Jack Maxwell's Instagram)

As of now, Jack is actively involved in his television show, advising the folks regarding the drinks so far. His enjoyable career is often exhibited on his Instagram posts as well.

What Is Jack Maxwell’s Secret To Not Looking Old At Age 54?

Well, you must have come across hunky looking men even in their fifties. If you haven't, you can take a look at Jack Maxwell who is aging fine like a vintage wine and is his handsome features are still being enhanced even at the age of 54. He might not like a youth in his twenties, but he definitely doesn’t look old for his age.

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As referenced from his social media profile, he neither works out nor follows a harsh diet to maintain. If there is one thing he does, it is sipping drinks every now and then. It’s his job after all!

Slaying The Sip: Jack Maxwell playfully sipped the drink with his director/producer Angela Shelton-who is also his friend (Photo: Jack Maxwell's Instagram-12 Oct 2018)

But the point that should not be undermined is his jovial personality. He is a fun loving person with tons of positive vibes. As hinted by his soulful character one might as well get that ‘stress’ is a word that doesn’t have a place in his vocabulary.

Or else he wouldn’t have slammed the door right on the face of cancer and maintained that happy face at the same time.