American comedian, Chris Parnell became successful in his line of work and gained a lot of respect for the work he did. However, like many others, fame also brought about loads of questions regarding the star's personal life, with his sexuality particularly a question of interest.

The Memphis native rose to prominence after hosting Saturday Night Live. Apart from his bio of a TV host, he is also an established actor and given numerous box-office hits like Anchorman, Pixels and 21 Jump Street. Likewise, his appearance in the award-winning series 30 Rock alongside Tina Fay served as icing on the cake soaring his popularity.

Popularity: Chris Parnell attends the Comic-Con 2015, autographing copies of his new book "Love Hammer" (Published on 10 July 2015)

Furthermore, his versatility is not limited to a Tv host and actor as he is also a rapper with his talent evident from his collaborations with Britney Spears and Jennifer Garner.

Grew Up With Mother: Chris Parnell's Family Details

Born on 5 February 1967 in Memphis Tennessee as Thomas Christopher Parnell, Chris Parnell holds an American Nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity of English, German, and Swiss. He was born to parents Jack Parnell and Shirley Russ (Rauchle) in Southern Baptist family.

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His father, a famous name in the entertainment industry was of English origin whereas his mother is of Swiss-French/Swiss-German ancestry. His parents divorced after his father was sentenced to prison for three months in 1979 after hitting a motorcyclist who lost a leg in the accident.

Growing up in a single parenting of Shirley Russ, his mother, there was no any kind of hindrance to him as he completed his education graduating with a BFA in Drama from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

 He stands tall at an adorable height of  5 ft and 8 inches (1.73 m).

How Much Is Chris Parnell's Net Worth?

Chris Parnell has accumulated a jolting net worth of $3 million, from his diverse characters in sketches, parodies, and acting.

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The prominent part of his fortunes is derived from his acting career aided by his stint as Saturday Night Live host where he spent nearly nine years from 1998-2006. 

Finally Surfaced Out Maintained Low-Key Married Life With Wife, Still Half Mystery

Like all the famous personalities who like to remain reticent about their personal life, Chris Parnell is a very similar face. However, Chris would rate himself out of the very private lifestyle holding personalities, as he's shared a bit about his relationship life.

The former Saturday Night Live host is a happily married man and enjoys marital life with his mysterious wife. He has two children with his wife, who has been disclosed to be a former actress. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles.

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Chris is very close to his family as he revealed on The Maya Rudolph Show in May 2014. During the interview, he revealed a new bedtime anthem purely dedicated to his infant son. His lyrics of the lullaby is,

There’s urine on your onesie and there’s spit-up on your bib, but I love you. I love you. / Some unknown viscous substance cakes the mattress in your crib, and I love you. I love you.

Apart from such pieces here and there, the Voice actor, aged 51, has remained pretty tight-lipped regarding his personal life, which has brought him a fair share of rumors regarding his sexuality.

Is Chris Parnell Gay?

Although he's married and has a beautiful wife and two children on the flanks, Chris Parnell could be a closeted gay looking for a platform to express himself.

However, farfetched the idea of a family guy married with a beautiful wife could be a gay seem, there have been enough hints to prove the claims.

His revelation about his elaborated research on the homosexual community and gay people is only a starter. His admission of watching gay adult videos and attending the various exotic gay nightclubs adds more substance to the claims. Moreover, having also competed in the L.A’s Mr. Leather competition, the gay rumors do not remain as far-fetched as it looks like.

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On 15 April, to add more fuel to the theories, Chris expressed about his secret research for supporting the Indian Governor Mike Pence and other conservatives regarding the LGBTQ community.

However, it would be too early to label him a gay just because of these facts. Until and unless he fronts up the media and provides answers, these questions regarding his sexuality will remain!