Before Monica Lewinsky was famous she was infamous.

Enmeshed in one of the worst White House scandals in history, Monica suffered for twenty years. Afterward, she pulled herself up, turned her tragedy into motivation and became one of the most respected activists in the world.

The American activist, television personality, and former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky is mostly known to the world as the woman involved in a scandalous affair with the former American president Bill Clinton.

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Having come a long way from her affair, she seems to wear it not as a shame, not as a badge of honor but as a mistake, she made in her life and learned a lot from.

Monica Lewinsky's Life Before Her Infamous Affair

Born on 23 July 1973 in San Francisco to oncologist Bernard Lewinsky and author Marcia Kay Vilensky, Monica grew up in a rich a family in the Los Angeles. While Monica frequently changed schools around LA, she finished her schooling from Bel Air Prep.

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Before graduating with a degree in psychology from Lewis & Park College in Portland, Oregon, she attended a two-year community college, Santa Monica College. The Perks of coming from a family with connections, in 1995, right out of college, Monica got an unpaid summer internship in the office of White House Chief of Legislative Affairs—something that would be the doom of her.

Monica Lewinsky's Affair With President Bill Clinton

Things started with Paula Jones harassment lawsuit against the then-president Bill Clinton. Since Monica had quite a close relationship with Bill throughout her presence at White House, her name surfaced during the investigation.

Initially, both Monica and Bill (a married man) denied having any kind of inappropriate relationship. But after Monica's confidante, Linda Tripp spilled that the two had had a sexual relationship, and things started to threaten Bill Clinton's presidency, they both confessed.

Things went quite frenzy after that, and with the impeachment of the president on the horizon, defamation of Monica was the least of anybody’s concern.

The Story Of Monica Lewinsky's Life: Suffering!

Things, however, did go sour for Monica in the aftermath of the affair. Bullying, shaming, constant rejections from the jobs; all this could have been slightly more bearable had she found someone else to share her burden with, a confidante, a boyfriend, a husband.

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Unfortunately, one of the many downsides of being a part of a sex scandal is that people tend to shy away from you; you can forget about getting married.

At the age of 45, Monica is unmarried, even without a stable boyfriend, alone, and the ghost of her past still haunting her, even now, after over 20 years of the scandal.

How She Picked Her Life And Turned Its Course! What Is She Doing Now?

To overcome the constant haunting of the affair, Monica started to transform it into something inspirational. Taking from by what she had faced over the years, she became an anti-bullying activist, taking the joy in helping people who are going through what she went through at the peak of her life—and survived.

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If Monica couldn't find her happiness with a husband, she could find it with something else.

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Now, it seems, Monica has found something she can put her heart into, something that will give her happiness, salvation, and sense of purpose.