Lucifer, a show that is taking over the news with its announcement of the new fifth season, is one of the most unique urban series you will ever see.

The series focuses on Lucifer—the king of hell—who lives a retired life in a modern earthly city in Los Angeles. The fabled creature with red-skin and horns that we imagine as the devil isn't a wicked evil character on the series.

Instead, he is a charismatic celestial being who fights his inner demons while also punishing the ones who are evil. 

Who Plays Lucifer on 'Lucifer'? Is He Good Or Bad?

The Netflix series features Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) in the lead role as a fallen angel.

As the series progresses, the plots in the series try to portray both the good and the bad side of Lucifer. 

The Good

Morningstar Arrival On Earth

After Morningstar lands on earth, he opens a nightclub, gets in touch with bigshots, and eventually starts collaborating with the Los Angelos Police Department to solve crimes in the city. 

If you think that's not a good way to start a life, then you have a utopian idea of being good. Just imagine, he is a devil who could have carried out many harmful operations against humans upon reaching the earth, but he didn't

Morningstar Contribution to LAPD! 

The devil is generally expected to be the epitome of evil. But on Lucifer, he is a confused soul who tries his best to justify his existence. 

He spends his time on earth solving crimes and helping the LAPD as a civilian consultant. He uses his superpower of finding out people’s desires to bring out case-solving confessions

But, there's a catch. Morningstar cannot use his powers on his lady-love, Chloe, his detective partner in the series. He gets highly vulnerable when he is around her.

Throughout the series, Morningstar risks his life to help Chole solve the case. His love and respect for Chole and the sense of justice make him a relatable humane character in the show.

 Lucifer Morningstar never Lies! 

Something we lack extremely in this world is the beauty of truth. As humans, we all have lied at some point of our life.

But not Morningstar! 

He never lies about his identity in the series. However, it is a separate story that many people do not believe him when he says he is the devil.

Despite the rebellion in the Silver City with his own father, the God, Morningstar has been fighting to conquer his own demons being true to himself.

Morningstar's Self-realization is Exemplary

One particular thing that makes Morningstar so unique is his ability to accept and duel upon his contradicting feelings. He is shown troubled, confused, and angry during the initial seasons of the series.

But as the series progresses, things start to change. He starts self-evaluating his character and nature. He starts to fight his belief that the evil nature was kept inside him by God without his approval.

Doing so, he realizes that he coulc choose to be either good or evil. He finally takes responsibility for the bad things he did in the episode 'Save Lucifer' in season 4.

Morningstar later uses his LAPD consultant role to be a better version of himself.  

The Bad

His Wild Side

Morningstar on Lucifer is also shown as a character abusing alcohol, drugs, sex, and self-destructive behavior to tackle his guilt.

In the show, Morningstar is seen with alcohol in every crime scene. However, he does admit that human alcohol doesn’t touch him.

In addition, he is also seen as having intimate relationships with women in the earlier seasons of the series. This side of Morningstar makes it easy to believe that he is someone who objectifies women and the small things in life.

And in a scene in season 5, Ella Lopez (the forensic scientist in the LAPD) recommends people to keep "the drugs" away from Morningstar since he could consume them all.

But out of all the bad habits of Morningstar, his self-destructive nature is the worst. He cut his wings multiple times to protect future him from going to "hell", abused substances to tackle his sufferings and hurt himself believing in the history’s images/portrayal of himself.


Although Morningstar's as a character is confusing to understand, his time on earth up until now is remembered for his efforts to make things right. 

However, no analysis can be complete without the upcoming seasons! Make sure you keep track of his character in the upcoming seasons 5 and 6 to truly see if Lucifer is a good or a bad soul.