Because of the Covid-19, the world of Hollywood has taken a bigger setback. Countless movies and series have been postponed, and actors are at home in quarantine waiting for the situation to get better.

One such actor is Tom Ellis, a.k.a Lucifer Morningstar from the series Lucifer. Here is how our very own Lucifer is spending his quarantine with his wife.

Supports GOSH Charity 

Ellis, the ambassador of the GOSH Charity, has been using his influence to help a hospital for children named GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital).

On April 30, Ellis posted an Instagram video to help raise funds for GOSH so that it could operate properly during the pandemic. In the caption of the video, he requested people donate "a little" if they could.

 In this post, he also linked the hospital’s website where people could donate.


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On June 26, he again used his Instagram platform to further help the hospital. However, he took a much creative approach this time.

Ellis and the hospital charity initiative on the Instagram post asked Ellis fans to download an app called The post stated that the app would provide a fun opportunity for his fans to win a chance to sing karaoke with him.

In order to win this chance, fans were asked to donate a certain amount to the charity to be automatically included in the competition.


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Stays Fit And Healthy

It is no surprise to anyone out there that Lucifer, aka Tom Ellis’ body, is one of those features that has given him character.

However, with the lockdown and gyms closing down, the Lucifer star is now taking different measures to keep his body intact for the soon to be shot season 6 of Lucifer.

Talking to Men's Health in June 2020, the Lucifer star revealed differing iterations of push-ups and golfing to be his go-to techniques.

Re-watches Hulu and Netflix Along with His Personal Favorite, Friends

In the interview with Men’s Health Magazine, Ellis also revealed that he had been a big fan of TV series during his time in quarantine. 

Like his followers, he said he had been revisiting some of his favorite series and adding more to the list. His favorites in this time of pandemic are BBC's Normal People and Hulu's Dead To Me Season 2 and Freinds. 

Supports The 'Black Lives Matter Movement'

Like many other celebrities, Tom Ellis has been an active ally for the Black Lives Matter Movement and the LGBTIQ+ community.

Using his huge international fan base, Ellis has been showing support to the Black Community be it by posting the #Blackouttuesday picture of a black square box on his Instagram, or by raising funds for the movement. He has also been actively supporting the LGBTQ+ community on and off-screen as well.


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Using His IGTV Platform TO Help Activist, Brandon Goodman

Starting July 3rd, Tom Ellis has acquired even more respect than he did last week.

On one of his Instagram posts dated July 4, Ellis wrote that he would feature series named “Black Folx” once a week in his IGTV in collaboration with Brandon Goodman—who is a Black Lives Matter activist.

Following this, he had over 5 posts regarding his conversations with Brandon Goodman. 


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Much of Ellis' quarantine days can be viewed via his Instagram account. If you want to know more about the IGTV series by Brandon Goodman, make sure you keep updated with his Instagram page for further notice. 

Tom Ellis' Lucifer Season 5 part 1 is releasing on Netflix on August 21, 2020! 

Covid-19 Important Notice

With the Covid-19 closing off most of the places worldwide, people should adapt to the new normal implementing practices such as “social distancing” or “quarantine". 

According to the prestigious World Health Organization (WHO), Coronavirus can only be lessened if people take appropriate precautions. One such precaution is social distancing. Along with this, wearing masks, limiting physical closeness and large gathering, and ensuring regular sanitizing come under the high priority measures to successfully eradicate or lessen the disease worldwide.