Ever since Lucifer came into our lives via the FOX network, we Lucifans have been eager to know more about "hell" that is shown in the series.

But whenever we are introduced to the concept of "hell" in these series, we get overly confused regarding its existence, punishment system, and portrayals. 

When Do You See 'Hell' In 'Lucifer'?

1. The first time you see "hell" in the series is through the eyes of Lucifer Morningstar. He briefly visits the darker world during the time Chloe gets attacked by Malcolm in episode 13 of Season 1.

2. Following this, you again see a depiction of "hell" when Morningstar and his mother go to hell to bring back an antidote to save poisoned Chloe in Season 2, Episode 13. 

3. This is followed by a subtle reference of "hell" in Season 3, Episode 16 when Morningstar goes to Hell to bring back Abel's soul to nullify Cain's curse.

Generally, "hell" in the series is depicted as a place with a rocky, dark, and gray aura. But when it comes to punishments and different characters experiencing or escaping the cursed soil, the series portrays "hell" differently.

Why is 'Hell' in 'Lucifer' so Confusing?

"Hell" in Lucifer seems to feature multi-dimensional realities based on the experience of a diverse range of entities, and their suffering levels. But primarily, It is a place where people who have died fight against their biggest regrets in a never-ending loop. This makes me almost imagine what Heaven might be like. 

Let's explore in-depth why "hell" in the series is such a confusing place.

Two Different Visual Effects of 'Hell'

While for the most part, you do get to see the dark and rocky "hell." But in some other episodes such as season 2 episode 13, you see brighter Hell once the punishment "doors" are opened.

On the other hand, as the season 4 ends with Morningstar in "hell," you see him sitting on the spike of a throne with darkness all around. He looks isolated and above everything else.

But who actually torments the deceased souls in the series? Shouldn't the devil himself be tormented in 'hell'?  Why Morningstar has given contradicting views about his role in punishment of the deads in "hell"?

Such questions about "hell" remain unanswered as of now.  

Difference in Description

In the series, we got a small snippet of human interaction with "hell" when Malcolm (an LAPD police officer) described his time there. He said his tormenters isolated him from the outside world and starved him in a room.

He also revealed that the time in "hell" was very different in the sense that 30 seconds felt like 30 years for him. 

This description of Malcolm and the scene from when Morningstar tries to get the antidote from Carlisle's soul in season 2 feel very different from one another.

In Malcolm's version of events, he was tormented in a dark room, whereas Carlise was seen confronted by all earth-like alternate reality where people confronted and hated him for not saving the driver. 

This different version of punishment experienced by two different characters in "hell" proves that the underworld system has different punishment systems based on individual experiences. But at this point in time, the punishment system is hard to understand easily.

Incomplete Explanations of 'Hell' Escapes

In episode 13 of Season 1, we also get to hear about Morningstar's mom escaping "hell." However, with no background information, it is hard to tell how one would escape hell in the first place. This only adds to the confusion of "hell" in the series. We do not know how she escaped. We can only guess that she used "godly" powers to get out of "hell."

Now, let's talk about celestial beings who escape from hell. 

When Morningstar's mother escapes "hell," she has no human-like body but instead goes inside a dead body to appear alive on Earth. As a wandering spirit, she is not visible to people on Earth until and unless she uses a dead body. This is why she ended up using the dead body of Charlotte Richards to come alive. 

On the other hand, Maze and Morningstar came to Earth directly from "hell" in their human-like form. If we were to agree with what happened with Morningstar's mother, it only makes sense if Morningstar and Maze took over the bodies of the dead people too. However, in no part of the series is it mentioned that they took over any dead body to come in front of humans. 

What makes Morningstar and Maze so different from the rest of the celestial beings in "hell" that they get their personal human-like look?  

Who Controls "Hell"?

In Season 1, Lucifer Morningstar gets stuck in his own cycle of regret when he kills his own brother, Uriel. It is in this episode that Morningstar is seen to be treated like any other evil being in "hell"—he is tormented with a never-ending loop that forces him to stab his brother Uriel repeatedly with a knife.

However, Morningstar gets rid of the loop only when he no longer lets the guilt affect him. This only means that even the "King of Hell" has no control over the vicious loop of regret in his own realm either. This is confusing because, if even the king is not under the control of his own land, then who is?

The season finale of Season 4 was probably the closest you will have gotten to see Lucifer Morningstar as the "King of Hell." It is in this episode that you see Morningstar in a full action-packed king role in front of the demons. 

While season 4 does end with Morningstar going back to "hell" as the king, there have been many speculations regarding the role "hell" might play in the coming seasons.

'Hell' in 'Lucifer' Season 5

Because the ending of Season 4 focused on "hell," there are high hopes that we will finally get a constant and proper description of "hell" in the coming seasons.

Lucifans expect at least one episode to be dedicated to "hell" so that the show could build a proper narrative of the place. 

The fans also expect to see Heaven in the upcoming seasons so that they could finally be able to understand the system of dark and light. 

It seems like the only way you will be able to figure out more about "hell" is by watching the upcoming seasons of Lucifer (Seasons 5 and 6)!