As the final date of the first installment (part 1) and trailer of the fifth season of Lucifer was announced to be released on 21st August 2020, fans have started coming up with theories to guess what might happen with the demon in this season. 

There's much more for the Lucifans to get excited about the upcoming season. 

Being the perfect show, especially during quarantine and lockdown, Lucifer does an amazing job of keeping you excited throughout the series. From a promising storyline to the amazing acting of some of the best actors out there, Lucifer is that one show you should not miss.

Let’s explore how watching, Lucifer, a story about the king of hell will change your life.

The Devil Himself Redefines the Way You Look at the Bad Side!

Your perspective of the devil will change forever! Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Elis) is a charmer with a flirtatious and irresistible aura around him. The British actor’s effortless acting will keep you on your toes throughout the series. Not to forget his perfect delivery of every dialogue in a timely manner, Elis gives a stellar performance and will steal your heart within seconds into the series.

The portrayal of Morningstar will give you a humane perspective on the devil. You will no longer be afraid of the devil but will instead empathize with him.


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As you progress with the series, you will soon understand that the devil is indeed a fallen angel who still has a heart of gold that is buried deep down. 

The Strong Women Characters Change Your Perspective Towards Women Power!

Despite being a show about the devil, Lucifer has a wonderful portrayal of strong women.

The series has four of the most powerful female characters. They are:

a. Chloe Decker: She is a LAPD detective with whom Morningstar works and falls in love. She is a single mother who works by keeping her life at risk every day.

b. Mazikeen: As the demon from hell, she has no fear. Although you get to witness her emotional growth as the series progresses, her physical strength and her ownership of her knives remain her biggest strength. 

c. Dr. Linda: The psychologist who deals with the members of the family of God has an amazing level of tolerance. From handling the clueless stories of the celestial world to seeing the face of a devil, Dr. Linda even endures getting killed from the mother of all creations. 

d. Ella Lopez: Ella is a forensic scientist working for the police department. She has a dark and suspicious family background, and has one of the most humorous relationships with Morningstar. 

Her innocence and support for her friends take her character to a whole new level.

Although female characters in the series have a difficult truth each, their strong vibe is an important asset to show what women are capable of enduring.

Incredible Chemistry will Make You Empathize with the Characters!

The characters in Lucifer have a chemistry that you will see nowhere else. From a seven-year-old (Trixie) friendship with a demon (Mazikeen) to a romantic relationship between an angel (Amenadiel) and the psychiatrist (Dr. Linda), this series is filled with amazing chemistry.

In addition to the romance between the lead actors Chloe and Morningstar, the series also focuses on the relationship between members of a dysfunctional family of God; between divorced parents (Daniel and Chloe) and their child (Trixie); between a demon (Mazikeen) and an angel (Amenadiel); between Lucifer and his father God himself, and even between the psychiatrist (Dr. Linda) and the mother of all creations.

Hence, fans will have a hard time choosing their favorite duo! 

It’s Relatable and will Make You Laugh!

Morningstar's nature throughout the show has a little of everything. From being serious to humorous, he will keep you entertained throughout.

One of the most important qualities of Morningstar is that never lies and is upfront about everything. This level of honesty can make you feel relatable with the one and only, king of hell.

Even God could Solve Their Problem The Humane Way According to the Show

In addition to his character, Morningstar's family will be one of your favorite families on screen. Their dynamics and humor towards one another will definitely show you the different sides of the family of God. You will get to see their imperfections along with the way they deal with the simplest issues. This will help you realize that in fact there is no family in the world that is perfect. 

Watching Lucifer, you will have to remind yourself that you are not looking at a dysfunctional family of God but at a dysfunctional family in our lives. Only when Lucifer and his family members recognize their shortcomings, they can carve out a route of peace for their family.

Isn't that how we should work out in the world today?    

Unique Storyline that will Change Your Thoughts Towards the Story of God!

When you imagine a show about the King of Hell, you would normally think of a dark story of the devil with a goat face and horns. However, Lucifer's plot is completely opposite to this notion.

For a character who has the impression of being evil, Lucifer Morningstar on Lucifer does a wonderful job of showing how in fact the devil doesn’t kill people, but only punishes those who are evil after their death.

Throughout the show, Morningstar tries hard to persuade the audience that people experience hell because of their guilt and not due to his role as the devil.

His clear intention is shown from the fact that he helps to eradicate crime from the city as the consultant of the LAPD. The way the devil chooses to help a police department by solving crimes is beyond what anyone ever imagined a devil to be doing. 

Growth of Characters Makes You Feel More Humane!

Throughout the show, the one thing that you will notice is the emotional growth of each character as the series progresses.

Because of stories such as Morningstar's episode of redemption to Maze's emotional and romantic growth, it is certain that you won't see the series in the same way by the time you are done.

One of the best things about this is that you will finally relate with the demons and understand them through their heart. You will also see the hell in a closer perspective with scenes that you may have never seen on-screen before.

And if you are someone who follows the crew of Lucifer outside the series, you will also be able to see the growth of friendships in their personal lives as well. The feeling of seeing the actors of your favorite series get along outside their on-screen characters will surely warm your heart. 

Smooth Dialogue Delivery!

The writers in this show have been perfect with their storylines and dialogue formation.

Although some scenes and stories might seem very common, the dialogues that are assigned to the actors have made it possible to create one wonderful episode after another.

This is especially true with Morningstar who does an impeccable work of cleanly delivering a pun. And not to forget, you will for sure need a dictionary for reference to understand some of the words used by the devil.

The structures of the dialogues also have done the perfect job of keeping the mystery of the story alive. In addition, the devil's singing prowess has made the series a breath of fresh air. 

People's Reactions on 'Lucifer' Season 5

Here are a few reactions after writer, Ildy Mordovich, made official twitter announcement about the release date of Lucifer's season 5. The upcoming season will release on August 21, 2020.


I hope I have inspired you to make Lucifer your next go-to series! Believe me, this series will not just make you fall in love with the devil from hell but will do a wonderful job of making you think deeply about your beliefs of the hell and heaven! 

I hope you enjoy the show enough to binge-watch it and catch up on August 21st, with all the Lucifans worldwide!