American television personality Glenn Villeneuve found a perfect partner after his married life with his former wife ended in divorce.

The Vermont native currently appears as a host of documentary television series, Life Below Zero, broadcasted on National Geographic Channel. He is one of the main cast alongside Sue Aikens, Eric Salitan, Andy and Kate BassichChip and Agnes Hailstone on the show.

Here are the wiki facts of Glenn that includes his bio, stint on Life Below Zero, net worth, marital status, and children.

1. Glenn Villeneuve's Wiki-like Bio; Background, Education

The veteran host was born on the 18th in March 1969 in Burlington, the most populous city in the U.S. state of Vermont. The information about his family background and education is still inside the shadow.

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In the summer when Glenn was living in the woods at Vermont, he decided to move to Alaska because it was the only place where he knew he could do what he wanted to. At the age of 30, he moved to his dream place in the Brooks Range, Alaska, leaving his hometown in 1999. 

2. Associated With Life Below Zero Since 2013

Glenn appears on Life Below Zero series since its first aired date in 2013. The show produced by the BBC Worldwide illustrates the daily and seasonal activities of subsistence hunters as they make their living in remote areas of Alaska.

One of the narrators of the series, Glenn shares his adventures on the show, living without water, electricity, and technology. He has gone up to more than four months without seeing another human in Alaska.

The series has been nominated for Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards three times from 2015 to 2017 and won two times in 2016 and 2017. As of 2018, it has been running successfully on its ninth season.

3. His Earnings And Net Worth From Series

It has been a half-decade since Glenn has been associated with Life Below Zero series. Narrating the wildlife of the series, he has earned the prominent part of his net worth.

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As one of the main cast of the series, his earning is about $71K. Glenn has undoubtedly accumulated the remarkable amount of net worth for his stint on the show. He has also made big money, involving in managing and investing in real estate for many years as well as from the investments in the stock market.

But, regardless of his plentiful money, the nature-loving person prefers to live a simplistic life with his family in Alaska.

4. Father Of Two Children From Ex-Wife

After moving to Alaska, Glenn began the new phase of his life; got married. However, his marriage did not work well and got divorced from his wife. 

Glenn and his ex-wife share two children from their marital relationship; a daughter named Willow Leaves, aged 16 and a son, Wolf Song Villeneuve, aged 13. Before the divorce, he lived with his family for several months and moved to town for the birth of their children.

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Glenn has not remarried after the end of his first marriage and is currently in a long-term relationship with Trisha Kazan.

5. Resides With Long-term Partner Trisha Kazan

Glenn spent some years his life lonely after his divorce but could not resist his single life. He found his wife-like partner Trisha Kazan and began the relationship with her.

The couple started living together in 2010 and are inseparable to the date. Trisha has a 13 years old daughter, Amelia Atkins born from her previous relationship.

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On the 22nd of June 2017, Glenn and Trisha welcomed their baby daughter named Agatha Villeneuve. His wife-like partner Trisha and daughters Amelia, and Agatha are often with him in the Brooks Range but are not there while he is filming the show.

Family on the celebration: Glenn Villeneuve celebrates Christmas with his wife-like partner Trisha Kazan and children in December 2015. (Photo: Glenn Villeneuve's Facebook)

Moreover, he prefers to spend time with his children Willow and Wolf Song while he is in Fairbanks. As of now, Glenn, aged 48 resides with his partner and children in Alaska.