With a substantial salary, there is no doubt that the Stephanopoulos family have no problem regarding money. The success and proper use of cash have undoubtedly helped bring happiness in the family.

American journalist and political commentator George Stephanopoulos is the chief anchor and the chief correspondent for ABC News. He is a regular substitute anchor for ABC's World News Tonight. He is also the co-anchor for Good Morning America and the host of ABC Sunday morning

ABC News: George taking an exclusive interview with Donald Trump as he opens up about the negotiations with Kim Jong Un (Published on 12 June 2018)

George Stephanopoulos' Bio: Age & Education

Born to Greek descents, Robert and Nickolitsa on 10 February 1967, George Robert Stephanopoulos was raised in Fall River, Massachusetts. He has two sisters naming; Stacy Stephanopoulos and Marguarite Stephanopoulos. He also has a brother; Andrew Stephanopoulos.

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In 1982, George received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in political science at Columbia University, New York.

He attended Orange High School in Pepper Pike. While at Orange, he was very fond of wrestling. In his early age, he became a follower of the Greek Orthodox faith, and long considered entering the priesthood. In 1982, Stephanopoulos received a bachelor of arts degree from Columbia University in New York.

George's Broadcasting Career & Net Worth

Before his career as a journalist, George was an advisor to the Democratic Party. He worked on the Michael Dukakis 1988 U.S presidential campaign in 1988 noting one of his attractions to this campaign was that Dukakis was a Greek American liberal.

He rose to fame as a communication director for the 1992 presidential campaign for Bill Clinton and afterward became the Whitehouse, communication director. In 1994, he was involved in a loan estate controversy when columnist Jack Anderson reported that Stephanopoulos sealed an $835,000 commercial real estate deal consisting of a two-story apartment, including an eyewear retailer, with a below-market loan rate from a bank owned by Hugh McColl. He also was the senior advisor for policy and strategy before departing in December 1996.

George enjoys the net worth of $35 Million and a salary of $15 Million annually. All the success brought by his journalism career has undoubtedly helped him enter the wealthy club.

George & Donald Trump: One-On-One Exclusive

On 12 June 2018, George sat down with US President Donald Trump for an exclusive interview just hours after negotiations with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. 

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Within a series of topics, Trump confessed about trusting Kim to keep up on the pledge to denuclearize, following the Iran nuclear deal.

During the interview, Donald Trump revealed in the negotiation regarding the riddance of North Korea's nuclear weapons, and the expectation of working with South Korea, Korea, and Japan in the future.

When asked if the leaders talked about pulling the US troops out of South Korea, Donald Trump denied playing any war games as they're running the country and they're expensive.

George pulled in the past and mentioned about how Kim's father hadn't kept the commitments to freezing the nuclear weapons, to which Donald Trump opted to defend him by saying that the US had let him down. 

The interview ended as George asked the last question on Kim's time of arrival at the White House and Trump confessed that would happen as soon as the process of denuclearization ends.

Well Settled Stephanopoulos Family

George was married to Ali Wentworth in 2001. They are also blessed with two daughters; Harper, 12, and Elliot, 15. There is no doubt to say that his personal life is as happening as his professional life. With a happy family and successful career, it seems like things are going perfect for Stephanopoulos family.  

With the double-figure net worth and a beautiful family, George surely is living his dreams. His smart use of money is the critical reason for his lavish life. Enjoying vacations on Southampton estates ideal home worth $7 million was one of the passing time for the family.

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With that, he also has a successful marriage of 17 years apart from their busy schedule. When asked about the reason behind their ever-growing marriage they had a humorous reply. His wife Ali Wentworth said:

“People always say, ‘Oh you have to have a sense of humor. But I always say, you just have to really come to terms with this idea that ‘I’m going to be with this person forever.’ Not, ‘Oh I can always get a divorce or have an affair.’ You have to just go, ‘We’re in it until a nurse comes in and changes our diapers and wipes the drool off our faces.’ That makes the fights less scary.”

To this George added:

“You also have to learn how to fight.”

It looks like even the fights are fun for the Stephanopoulos couple.

Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoulos daughters Elliott and Harper (Photo: Hooked On Houses)

There is no doubt Stephanopoulos family is smart and intelligent when it comes to creating a perfect balance between professional life and love life.