For openly gay journalist Gio Benitez, marriage is not just a union of bodies; it is also a never-ending bond between the two souls. Gio Benitez is genuinely in love with his husband, and the wedding vows he shared with his partner is not a fluke. Instead, it is a mantra for a lifetime.

Gio Benitez, aged 32, is a senior correspondent for the ABC news, making appearances on various shows with the network including Good Morning AmericaWorld News Tonight20/20, and Nightline. Furthermore, the two-time Emmy winning correspondent is also a host for the network's hit program, Fusion.

Good Morning America: Gio Benitez goes undercover to demonstrate the increased risks of theft in America (Published on 30 March 2016)

Gio is one of the most renowned investigative journalists in the game today, brave, unafraid, great at deduction, and succinct at analysis.

Gio Benitez Bio (Age)

Born on 29 October 1985 in Miami, Florida to parents of Cuban ethnicity, Gio attended Miami Coral Park High School.

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Gio's educational background in anthropology and sociology from Florida International University was miles away from the job he does today. But he had a passion for reporting from a young age, which led him to pursue a career in journalism.

Gio Benitez Is Unafraid Investigative Journalist

He started his journey into showbiz with radio where he was a host for nationally syndicated program  Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline. After working in the radio, he joined local TV network, WFOR as an investigative producer and covered subjects such as Medicare fraud, public safety, and government corruption. Furthermore, he covered for the network's Haiti Earthquake coverage and was lauded for his coverage of Miami police brutality in 2009. 

His works at the network did not go unnoticed as he was offered a job in the national broadcaster ABC News as a correspondent and investigative reporter in 2013. With the network too, Gio has a long list of coverage history including the Boston Marathon bombing, and the environmental hazard that hit the US in the winter of 2013.

Adding to his immense success as a journalist is his fluency in English and his family's heritage language, Spanish.

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Gio's Acceptance Of Homosexuality Was Easy; Who Is Gio Benitez's Husband?

Becoming aware of his sexual orientation during his teens, Gio came to terms with his sexuality easily because of his supportive parents.

Gio, like every other millennial, chose dating website to find his right partner and met lifestyle blogger Tommy Didario through Instagram in 2015. After a date, Gio knew that Tommy was the one for him. Gio, who never even contemplated getting married in his life, knew that Tommy would make a perfect husband. And after dating for about eight months, Gio proposed Tommy during their holiday to France in September 2015. 

Going into France as love-birds, the couple returned as husbands-to-be, after Gio popped up the ring in front of the Eiffel tower, with an emotional Tommy saying 'Yes'.

Gio & His Husband Exchanged Vows For Eternity In A Magical Wedding

Barely six months had passed when the couple decided to shed 'to-be' from their husbands-to-be label and get married.

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On a sunny day in Miami at the Walton House, the handsome hunks decided to exchange vows in front of 160 relatives and were officiated by Tommy's sister Meg. Draped in matching J Crew suits, family members of both the hunks attended the celebration of nuptials.

Magical Wedding: Gio Benitez married Tommy DiDario in April 2016 (Photo:

After a night full of festivities, the handsome couple jetted off to Bali for their honeymoon. 

Gio & His Husband Can't Let Each Other Out Of Their Sight For Long

The couple renewed their vows in their first marriage anniversary. Talking to PEOPLE about their married life, Gio exclaimed that time flew away with his partner that he could not believe that it had already been a year of their wedding. Tommy for his part gushed about his husband and claimed that despite it already being a year he had not been able to come to terms that he had been married and how loving his husband was.

The couple also shared their five-point mantra for a happy marriage in the same interview, which included loving each other and respecting each other, along with spending ample amount of time with each other.

The couple's love for each other is so profound that it can be seen clear as a day in their social media; seeing them together in Instagram is almost like reading a romantic story without a pinch of dramatic tension. The couple wears matching Halloween costumes, attend the functions together, shares the time with their families together and go on vacations as if they don't want to spend a second of their free time apart.

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Their devotion towards each other is understandable; after all, not everyone finds the perfect person to share their life with and if someone does it makes sense to not let them go.