American TV actor Carl Marino did not step back from the failure of his first marriage, which was confined. But he does not hesitate to share the glimpses of is family life at present. His new wife is always by his side. Literally!

The Hornell native currently appears in the lead role of Joe Kenda in Investigation Discovery's crime documentary series, Homicide Hunter since 2014. He is a former Deputy Sheriff who served for nearly two decades on the force in New York.

Career Height: Carl on the set of the series Homicide Hunter in June 2017. (Photo:

Born on 26 August 1970, Carl was the only son to his parents, Carl and Carol Marino. Three sisters in his family accompany him. He received his high school education from Hornell High School. 

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Later, he went to the United States Military Academy and studied Criminal Justice at the Rochester Institute of Technology for two years.

Carl Marino's Career Reflection & Net Worth

Carl began his career as a government official. He served as a Deputy Sheriff in upstate New York for 17 years. During his career, he adopted policies in unincorporated areas, maintained county jails and also provided security to courts in the county.

Showing the enthusiasm in modeling, Carl worked for some model agencies in the meantime. In 2009, he made an on-screen debut in the NBC show, Trauma. After its success, he got an opportunity to appear in a big screen in the 2010 drama thriller film, Sedona's Rule. He is now portraying the character of  Lieutenant Joe Kenda, whose career is showcased in Homicide Hunter series. 

For the long history of professional obligation, Carl has deserved the astonishing amount of income. He used to garner the average salary of $45,041 serving as a Deputy Sheriff. His earning from the Homicide Hunter series has steadily contributed to his remarkable net worth.

Besides a smooth career, Carl has faced ups and downs in his personal life. His first marriage ended with a divorce sharing two adult children from his previous wife; 25 years old son and 23 years old daughter. Other than his children, details about his first marriage remain confined.

But when it comes to his second marriage, he openly flaunts it out in the media.

Carl Marino's Ostentatious Second Married Life

Carl shares the marital relationship with his wife Ilona Marino who is best known for the 2000 series The World's Astonishing News! Carl and Ilona exchanged the wedding vows in August 2010.

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In his spare time, Carl and his wife are engaged in social work running half and full marathons to raise money for charity. 

With that, Carl also does not forget to wish his wife and family on his social media occasionally. Whether that be Valentines day or mother's day, he does not hesitate to shower his love.  

Happy Valentine's Day: Carl wishes Valentine's day to his second wife, Iloma Marino in February 2018 with thier wedding day photo (Photo: Carl Marino's Twitter)

Well, it's for sure that the couple is living the best of the lives. And Carl has found the perfect match after his failed marital life.

How Wife Ilona Is Always By Carl's Side?

Every married couple in marital bliss would unhesitantly admit their significant others' worth being more and more. They promise to never leave each other's sides. But when Ilona and Carl Marino made this promise, they literally meant it.

As it turned out, Ilona is not only Carl's life partner but also a partner in Homicide Hunter

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Ilona is not a regular in the series but she frequently makes appearances in different roles ranging from a crime scene investigator to a police officer with a name tag. Sometimes she even pairs along with her husband portraying Joe Kenda.

Pairing Up: Carl Marino pairs up with wife Ilona for Homicide Hunter (Photo: Ilona Marino's Twitter- 3 October 2018)

Her Homicide Hunter credits give a slight hint regarding how they met. The chances are, they met on the set of Homicide. Or it could be the other way around- first they met and later Ilona got featured in the series through Carl. 

Either way, the good that has come of it is that the duo gets to see both personal and professional side of one another.