When American reality star Brett Raymer came to work on a chilly December morning, it seemed a normal working day. The star, however, had a different thought on his mind, as he provided his castmates and girlfriend with a beautiful surprise that turned just another day into a memorable event.

The Brooklyn native is best known as one of the cast member (alongside his brother-in-law Wayde King) on the Animal Planet's reality series, Tanked.  The series follows the operations of a Las Vegas-based company, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, where Raymer serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

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In the show, Raymer and his partner Wayde King travel around the country either examining the aquariums of the biggest names in the Hollywood or preparing a custom tank for them on their request, as part of the series.

Brett Raymer's Bio Reveals Age, Family, And Career

Raymer was born on 25 October 1969 in Brooklyn, New York. His father,  Irwin Raymer, known as "The General" is the office manager of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. He has a sister named Heather, who is married to his business partner, Wayde King.

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The star aged 49, pursued his school education at Abraham Lincoln High School in his hometown. Later, he moved to Las Vegas from Brooklyn to economically support his family by establishing a business of a tank-building shop.

Raymer along with Wayde King created Tanked in 2011. As the COO of a tank company, Raymer is known for his ability to wheel and deal with his clients.

Endowment for the viewers: Brett Raymer and co-star, Wayde King on the posture of Tanked series. (Photo: Tvseriesfinale.com)

Other cast members of the series include shop manager, Robert Christlieb, and sales coordinator, Agnes Wilczynski. The show has completed its 14th season and set to start its 15th season soon.

Moreover, they have recently launched, Tanked: Skimmed, the condensed versions of the show in June 2018. According to wealthypersons Brett Raymer's net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

Brett Raymer 's Previous Marriage With Mysterious Wife Ended In Divorce

Raymer, aged 49, was a married man once, however his married life ended on a sour note with a divorce. He was reportedly married to Melissa Bradford, the office manager of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

But what has remained an open secret is that he fathers three children from his marital relationship. His children with the previous wife include two sons, Chandler and Bruce and a daughter named Kayla. 

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A keen family man, he is seen spending time with his children in his spare time.

Raymer, who was a coach on his daughter's volleyball team, routinely shares delightful updates about his family, whether it be a leisurely Sunday spent with his kids or news of his daughter winning an award for her high school volleyball team. 

And there's a reason why Raymer is devoted to spending more time with his family. He didn't have a fun childhood as his parents opted for divorce when the reality star was only 2 years of age. So he wants to dedicate himself to mark his presence in his children's lives.

He even posted a picture on Instagram with his mom and dad saying that it was the first time that he had taken a picture together with both his parents.

Picture Perfect: Brett Raymer poses for a picture with his mom and dad (Photo: Brett Raymer's Instagram | 23 September 2018)

He didn't hide the fact that his parents had been divorced since he was only 2 and that he was still glad to have them both even if they weren't together.

The fact that Raymer's parents were able to come to good terms for the sake of their son after parting ways is something to admire.

So even if he has been divorced himself, Raymer has come quite a long way to prove himself as a wonderful father to his children.

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Brett Raymer Tanked Surprise For Girlfriend On Sets Of 'Tanked'

After his first marriage ended sorely, he again found love, with a co-worker this time.

Raymer is currently in a long-term relationship with girlfriend, Trisha Chamberlain. Trisha is the owner of Donut Mania and is also the sales/internet marketing director of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

The couple has been dating since July 2011. Chamberlain is the mother of two children, Chandler and Dylan, from her past relationship.

Marking the fourth anniversary of their relationship, Raymer made a tweet to wish his girlfriend, Trisha stating that he loved her with all his heart and looked forward to many more years together.

The promise of Raymer seemed to be true when he proposed Trisha in December 2017. He got engaged with her at a surprise party filled with friends and family on the set of Tanked series.

Will You Be My Wife?: Brett Raymer proposes his longtime girlfriend Trisha Chamberlain on the set of Tanked series (Published on Dec 16, 2017 )

Despite having the world take notice of the pair's engagement, the couple has remained coy on getting married.

With the couple not revealing the exact date of turning his fiance into a wife, it seems that the reality star is taking his time to get hitched so that his second marriage doesn't end like the first one!

Despite Brett Raymer and Trisha Chamberlain living as husband and wife, there have been no official reports of a wedding.

Looks like the Brett Raymer wife experience is on hold as of right now.