After an unusual yet mind-blowing ending of the second season of Dark, fans were left behind with a lot of confusion about the alternate "mirror" world.

Now, after the teaser and trailer of the award-winning German Netflix show Dark, has been released, the fans are fully sure that there is an alternate universe. Plus, the new version of Martha, who came to save Jonas from the apocalypse, is also from the alternate world.

As the show is set to be released through the popular streaming platform Netflix on 27th June 2020, the speculations regarding the alternate "mirror" world are growing day-by-day among the viewers. Considering that, we have created some points that viewers must know about the alternate world before binge-watching the third and final season of Dark.

1. Jonas Isn't Even Born In The Alternate World

While having a conversation with Jonas Kahnwald during the sixth episode of Season 2 of Dark, Claudia Tidemann had mentioned that she had seen the world without him. She further ensured Jonas that the world without him wasn't what he was expecting it to be.

I have seen the world without you. Trust me, it's not what you're expecting.

Now, since we know that there is an alternate world somewhere, the saying of Claudia Tidemann during that time finally makes sense.

A still image of Jonas and Martha from Dark season 3 trailer

A still image of Jonas and Martha from Dark season 3 trailer (Photo: Youtube)

And in the absence of Jonas in the alternate world, Martha of the alternate world seems destined to follow the same series of events in her alternate world that Jonas followed in his world.

Thus, that also makes alternate world's Martha equivalent to the existing world's Jonas.

2. The Two Worlds Are Somehow Connected

The recent trailer of the show suggests that the Jonas world and the alternate world are somehow connected.

In the 55th second of the trailer, Jonas asks alternate Martha, "why am I here?", possibly referring to the alternate world. To his question, the alternate world's Martha replies that the apocalypse which happened in Jonas' world also "happens" in her world.

Thus, what we can assume from the conversation is that the alternate world Martha wants help from Jonas to save her world and vice-versa.

Similarly, from 1 minute and 23rd second of the trailer to the 24th second, we see two scenes of two distinct individuals hitting a grounded person each. In the first scene, the first individual (a female) with white hair is using a bag to beat a person lying on the ground.

The scene then follows an individual (with brown-black hair and a red jacket) who is seen hitting a grounded person with an object that looks like a stone.

After these two scenes, the trailer then shows how Ulrich beat the youngest version of Helge Doppler with a stone in the Jonasl world. This scene from the previous season is probably trying to portray that the events in the two parallel worlds unfold identically.

With these strong points, we can fully take an educated guess that the Jonas world and the alternate world on Dark are somehow interconnected with each other.

3. Old Characters Has Various Changes In The Alternate World

Many old characters of the series reprise their same existing world's character in what seemed like a possible alternate world shown in the trailer of season three. But, many of the viewers mightn't have noticed that there were some changes, whether it be in their appearance or clothing style.


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Similarly, Elizabeth's hairstyle is changed. Alternate world's Magnus' has tattoos all over his body, and his hair color is also changed to black.

Similarly, Torben Wöller, who missed one eye in the existing world, is shown missing one hand.

And Helge Doppler is seen without his right eye in the alternate world, but in the existing world, he had injured his ear. 

4. Everything Is Flipped In The Alternate "Mirror" World

Not just the characters, but the places and objects in the alternate world are either different, changed, or flipped in comparison to the existing world. 

For instance, if a building is on the left side of the existing world, it would be on the right side of the alternate "mirror" world.

Dark season three shows two world, real world and alternate world

Existing-world (left) versus the alternate world (right) in the Netflix series Dark (Photo: Dark Trailer/Youtube)

In the trailer too, there is a scene of the existingl world after the apocalypse in which the Winden Powerplant is on the left side. But, just after that, in the 57th second, a glimpse of the alternate world is shown in which the Winden Powerplant is on the right side.

5. Alternate World's Martha Is Advanced And Different From Existing World's Martha

By seeing the ending of season two plus the teaser and trailer of the third season of Dark, we can say that there is a huge difference between the Martha of the existing-world and the alternate world.

One of the major differences between the existing world's Martha and the alternate world's Martha is their appearance.

Alternate Martha has short hair plus she looks bold and fearless, whereas existing-world Martha had long hairs and was often confused and broken.


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Besides, alt Martha also has an easy-to-carry sized advance time machine than the existing world's time machine, which is briefcase-size and heavy. 

'Dark' Main Casts

Lisa Vicari plays the role of Martha Nielsen in the sci-fi television series. Another lead character, Jonas Kahnwald, is portrayed by actor Louis Hofmann.