Lisa Vicari is a German actress who rose to the limelight with her portrayal of Martha Nielsen in the Netflix series Dark. She has also proven her acting ability with her performances in projects such as Luna and Hell.

Her captivating performances is the result of her passion for acting which she developed from an early age. 

Vicari Begged Her Mother to Join Acting Classes

The Isi & Ossi star wanted to be in movies ever since she was a kid.

Speaking with the SLEEK magazine in February 2018, Vicari remembered watching the 2001’s detective film Emil und die Detektive as a child and wanting to be in movies after that.

"They were just so free... I’ve always wanted to be like them, I think,” Lisa said about the film’s characters.


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But the actress belonged to a family with no acting background, which meant she had to beg her mother [at the age of 10] to allow her to join an acting class so that she could learn to act.

Her persistence paid off, as she was allowed to take the weekly improvisational theatre course.

The same month, Vicari also talked to the German magazine Süddeutsche Zeitung and stated that her parents' support and happy childhood helped shape her acting flair.

"I have good access to feelings...I had a happy childhood. My parents encouraged me to show feelings...I like crying. I like the state of being melancholy. I guess that’s easy for me," she stated.

Her Exclusive Netflix Reputation

Vicari is the first German actress to be cast in both the first German series and the movie on Netflix. She starred in the series Dark and the movie Isi & Ossi, respectively. 

The series Dark, considered one of the finest sci-fi series, gave the Munich native much-needed exposure. Her work in the series was also appreciated by many fans and critics, as she played the main lead of the show.

Likewise, in the rom-com film Isi & Ossi, the actress entertained audiences with her punchlines and beautiful chemistry with co-actor Dennis Mojen.


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Besides, the 24-year-old star has also worked in German films and shows such as Doktorspiele, Under Suspicion, Die Chefin, SOKO 5113, and Tatort.

Is Vicari Working on New TV Shows and Movies?

Vicari's last big release was the third season of Netflix's Dark, premiered on June 27, 2020, which turned out to be a big hit.


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After that, the Luna actress released her first directorial project, a short film titled Blue Blue Moon starring her Dark co-star Moritz Jahn.

As for her upcoming works, she has a couple of projects on the pipeline, one of which is a film titled Hannes. The film is based on the novel of the same name by author Rita Falk.

Her other project is a TV series, Django, an English-language re-imagining of Sergio Corbucci’s classic 90s film Western. Vicari showed her excitement for the show through Instagram on May 12, 2021, writing, "Aah, someone pinch me! I’m so excited and grateful to be part of this."

The show, which is scheduled to premiere in 2020, also stars Matthias Schoenaerts, Noomi Rapace, and Nicholas Pinnock.