Lisa Vicari was 12 when she made her acting debut in a Julius Grimm directorial short movie Tunnelblicke (2009). Though her role in the short movie was not major, she left an impact that she could act with grace. As a result, she received a few more acting projects after Tunnelblicke, including short film Viki Ficki (2010) and movie Hanni & Nanni (2010).

In a career that spans over a decade now, the Munich native (born:1997) has worked extremely hard to become a famed star of the German entertainment industry. She is best recognized as Marth Nielsen in the German science fiction thriller series Dark. The series revolves around a supernatural time-travel twist set in a fictional German town named Winden.

As the series (Dark) is on the verge of its release this month (on June 27, 2020), we look back at her best acting performances so far.

Following are the five Lisa Vicari movies and TV shows you need to watch, besides Dark, that has made her the star she is now.

'Isi and Ossi' (2020)

Isi and Ossi is one of the first big acting projects of Lisa Vicari after her portrayal of Martha Nielsen in the TV series, Dark (2017-2020).

The romantic-comedy film, starring Lisa Vicari and Dennis Mojen, which released on Netflix this year, is also the first German-language Netflix film.


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The movie showcases the life of a billionaire’s daughter named Isi (Lisa Vicari) and a struggling boxer named Ossi ( Dennis Mojen). The two different personalities initially fall in love only to take advantage of one another.

'Luna' (2017)

The 2017’s German thriller, Luna, is an action-packed movie featuring the likes of Lisa Vicari, Carlo Lajubek, and Branko Tomovic. 

The plot of the film revolves around the main character Luna (played by Lisa Vicari). Her family gets assassinated during a vacation in the mountains after which she manages to escape and stay alive. However, her life turns upside down after she finds out that her father was a Russian agent who used them as a cover.

Lisa Vicari as Lina in the 2017's movie Luna

Struggles for life: A still image of Lisa Vicari from the movie Luna (Photo: Lisa Vicari’s Instagram)

After that, Luna builds up the courage and teams up with a secretive agent named Hamid (played by Carlo Ljubek) to take revenge against the injustice that happened to her family. What happens after that? was she able to win against the Russian secret service? Find out by watching the movie!

'Tatort' (2017)

Tatort, which means crime scene in English, is a German-language crime-drama TV series which has been airing since 1970—making it the longest-running TV show in Germany. The show contains almost 30 feature-length episodes per year.

Lisa Vicari is one of those fortunate actresses who got the chance to play in this amazing show. She made her appearance in the show as Jasna Nemec, in the episode named "Amour fou' in the 2017’s edition of the show.

Lisa Vicari with co-actors Aaron Hilmer and Ali Orcan in the TV show Tatord

Lisa Vicari as Jasna Nemec alongside actors Aaron Hilmer (left) and Ali Orcan (right) in TV show Tatord (Photo: RBB / Andrea Hansen)

Different from other TV crime shows, Tatort, shows the efforts of a group of crime investigators from a distinct city in each of its episodes. Almost all the episodes of the show are unique and created to solve a distinct crime case.

'Playing Doctor' (2014)

The movie Playing Doctor, originally named as Doktorspiele in German, is a comedy film that was released in 2014 and directed by Marco Petry.

The movie revolves around the story of the main character, Andi (played by Merlin Rose), who has been mentally impacted after a childhood incident that involved Lilli (played by Lisa Vicari) making fun of his innermost organ at his birthday party.

The movie also has other cast members, which include Bobby, a handsome guy, Katja, a beautiful young girl—whom Andi likes.

'Hell' (2011)

The movie, Hell, that released in 2011, is one of the earliest significant roles of Lisa Vicari. In this Tim Fehlbaum directorial film, Vicari plays Leonie, the younger sister of Marie, played by Hannah Herzsprung. The thriller also stars theatre actor Lars Eidinger, who plays Marie’s boyfriend named Phillip.

The movie is set around a post-apocalyptic situation, caused by the rise of Earth’s temperature. Following the destruction, Marie, along with her younger sister Leonie and boyfriend Phillip maneuver through the blighted wasteland of Germany in a car. But in their journey, they encounter a group of hijackers, who abduct Leonie and take the vehicle, leaving the remaining two characters behind.

Can the two sisters see each other again? And even if they meet, how will they survive post-apocalyptic scenario caused by the rise of global temperature. 

That is suspense we will like you to know when you watch this thriller.