Cursed are those parents who have to outlive their children! To say Adrienne and her husband Eric Bolling were cursed would be undermining the inner turmoil they went through after their son’s passing at a young age.     

People recognize Adrienne as the wife of conservative political commentator Eric Bolling. She has been by her Eric's side through every thick and thin.

Eric Bolling: Eric Bolling talking about President Trump and the Fox News with CNN's Brian Stelter (Published on 25 March 2018)

Adrienne, for the most part, has opted to remain an enigmatic figure. Scouring the internet to find information about her intimate life is a herculean task, to say the least.

Adrienne Bolling Mini-Bio: Age, Nationality & Jewish Heritage

Adrienne was born as Adrienne J. Leventhal. She adopted her husband’s last name after their marriage. Concerning her nationality, she’s a full-fledged American. And as for her age, she’s believed to be pushing 50.

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Despite growing up Jewish, Adrienne visits Church every week with her husband, Eric, who is a devoted Catholic.

Adrienne Married Husband Eric In 1997

Adrienne and husband, Eric have been together since 1997, according to the latter’s IMDB bio. Information about their pre-marital history and wedding has evaded the public radar forever.

Given her husband’s net worth - which is believed to be around $25 million - it’s safe to assume that their wedding must’ve been a lavish affair.

How Was Adrienne Bolling’s Husband, Eric Able To Amass $25 Million Net Worth?

Adrienne’s husband, Eric pivoted to a career in broadcasting in mid-2000s after spending years as a commodities trader at the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Eric, age 55, joined Fox Business Network as a financial analyst. Starting from August 2007 and up until August 2017, he made guest appearances as a political commentator as well as financial analysts in numerous FBN, and Fox News shows including Hannity, The Five, Happy Hour, Fox & Friends and The O’Riley Show.

He was let go by the Fox Network in August 2017 after the Huffington report showed that he had sent unsolicited lustful text messages and lustful photos to colleagues at Fox News and FBN.

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Despite the allegations and shunning from various media outlets, Adrienne decided to stick by her husband’s side.

Adrienne & Her Husband Are Dedicated Parents And Family-People

As much as Adrienne and Eric are dedicated to each other, they are even more dedicated to their only son, Eric Chase Bolling. Once, Eric junior was in preschool, he asked his father to come to a reading to his class. At the exact same time an opportunity came to his doorstep to earn him millions of dollars, But the dedicated father that he was, he decided to go to his son's reading. By the time he finished the reading, the opportunity was gone.

In addition to that, the Bolling family also loves to have their time together, especially to visit theme parks in Orlando, Florida. As it turned out, Adrienne's husband is an alumnus of Rollins College of Winter Park, Florida and during his college, he came to love Florida. His love had spread to his wife and his son, and thus the family loves to visit the place.

Family Tragedy: Adrienne’s Son Passes Away Aged 19

Adrienne’s family was picture perfect like something plucked out of happy folklores until it was struck with a tragedy. A day after Eric had left his position at Fox News, due to the allegations mentioned above, their 19-year-old son, Chase passed away

On 9 September 2017, TMZ broke the news of Eric death citing drug (opioid) overdose. A day later, Eric confirmed the tragedy via Twitter.

Family Tragedy:- Adrienne's husband, Eric sent out a tweet confirming the passing away of their son, Chase (Photo:- Eric Bolling's Twitter)

Her husband would then clear the air surrounding the circumstances of their son’s death after people online began to speculate that Chase might have committed suicide. He tweeted:

Authorities have informed us there is no sign of self-harm at this point. The autopsy will be next week. Please respect our grieving period.

After losing their maiden child to opioid overdose, Adrienne and her husband have embarked on a journey to combat the opioid crisis in America.

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From publishing articles to giving speeches to starring on a new CRTV show which focuses on growing opioid crisis, Adrienne's husband seems determined not to let another parent lose his/her child to opioid overdose.