James Murray of Impractical Jokers has quite a serious background. Nah! It’s a joke, fellas! Instead, the best of his traits is to make a joke about the most serious of topics; take wife as a topic for instance.

The New York native is a well-known comedian whose comedy comes on full display in television series, Impractical Jokers- a hidden camera series that features James along with his lifelong comic friends Sal Vulcano, Mike Boccio, and Joe Gatto playing pranks on one another.

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The comedy group of these four buddies is called The Tenderloins. Before being a regular TV hit in Impractical Jokers starting in 2011, the group was in NBC’s It's Your Show competition where they won a grand prize of $100,000. And their success has been maintaining an impeccable pace ever since.

James Murray’ Wiki-Like Bio; How Comedy Turned Into Career?

The comedian was born on 1 May 1976 in Staten Island, New York. He is 42 years of age and attended Staten Island High School where he became friends with Sal Vulcano, Mike Boccio, and Joe Gatto; the friendship that is bound to last for ages.

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As high school kids, the funny men liked to play around pranks with one another. Often they would throw ridiculous public dares at one another which would make everyone laugh till their cheeks hurt.

They realized they could be professional comedians and that gave birth to The Tenderloins.

Know The Net Worth Of Impractical Jokers’ James Murray

James along with his group members’ comedy gig took a significant turnabout in 2011 after they clutched a place on TV. And their popularity has been only growing over the years.

What a fantastic job the comedian has; laugh and make others laugh and get paid for that. He has accumulated an impressive net worth of $5 million from the funny business.

The exciting fact is, everyone in the group has a similar figure for net worth! It’s not a joke, believe us!

When Prank Became Practical, We Knew James Murray Was A Gay!

If you don’t know James is a gay man already, then you are missing out on one of the biggest prank ever played on television.

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Fellow group member Sal Vulcano pretentiously came out as gay while appearing on Daytime Talk Show with Sally Jessy in 2014.

James was far from the idea that Sal was playing and he couldn’t resist his urge to spill about his sexuality.

The guys are Impractical Jokers for a reason huh!

James Murray Married A Wife- It’s A Prank!

One of the most memorable moment ever made on Impractical Jokers would be James getting married to Sal Vulcano’s sister, Jenna Vulcano as a stunt in 2014.

Married: James Murray married Jenna Vulcano as a stunt directed to Sal Vulcano in 2014. (Published: 31 Oct 2014)

The set up was so real, and in fact, the entire wedding was real, that Sal was caught off guard. Everyone believed that Jenna was officially James’ wife until the wedding was annulled the next day after the husband-wife for the show celebrated their honeymoon night.

Legal Wife For A Day: James Murray revealed that he married Jenna legally and annulled the wedding a day later (Photo: James Murray's Twitter)

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Apart from the stunts, the gay man has not been in any relationship. He remains single to this day. And the next time he acts mingling with a woman, we know better than to believe provided there shall be a boyfriend rather than a girlfriend in his romantic life.