Who wouldn’t want to relish the lavish lifestyle that comes with being the child of a world-renowned personality? Fame and fortune would not be very hard to achieve in such a case. 

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But living up to the standards set by their parents, earning respect, all need to be earned and are just not handed in a silver tray. For Maya Hawke; however, it seems being the daughter of two of the world-renowned celebrities has not fazed her one bit.

She’s currently a model, an actress but most importantly a humble human being. So, let’s take a look at some wiki-like-bio about Maya Hawke.

1. Wiki Reveals Age, Height & Parents

Maya Thurman-Hawke was born on July 8, 1998, in New York City to celebrity parents Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. When it comes to her height, she stands at a decent height of 5’8”. As for siblings, she has a brother who goes by the name Levon Thurman-Hawke.

From an early age, Maya has always been in front of the limelight. Her family status has helped her make a name for herself at an early age. Considering the fact that her father and mother are two of the top actors of their time, Maya really needs to up her game if she is to reach her parents level of stardom. But it seems, she is taking it one step at a time and is only a matter of time before she starts making headlines for all the right reasons.

2. Net Worth

Being a celebrity in itself comes with its own set of fame and a huge chunk of fortune. But what’s even greater than being a celebrity is having two award-winning actors as parents. What more could one possibly ask for?

She has been lucky enough to have such a life. Her parents Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman are award-winning actors who boast an incredible amount of net worth on their own. Ethan has a net worth of $55 million while Uma holds a net worth of $45 million. An incredible amount put together.

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As for Maya and her own net worth, the exact sum has not been revealed. Her career as an actor has just only begun, and she might just have to be patient and dedicated if she is ever to reach the figures of her parents. Only time will tell what it has stored for Maya Hawke.

3. Dating Boyfriend

From an early age, Maya has always been the center of attention. So it was no surprise to see the public's curiosity about her relationship status. And the recently turned teenager has not been shy on flaunting her love life but has left fans curious as just to who this mystery man is.

From the posts she shared on 19 February, we are sure that she is indeed in a relationship as on the same day her boyfriend shared thier picture via his Instagram. But that’s all we know. Maya herself has not yet revealed the details of this mysterious man except for his name, Gus Wenner.

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It seems she wants to keep her man all to herself. We just might have to wait a little longer before she displays her man out to the public.