Imagine you are a comedian. How far can you go to make people laugh? Even in your deepest imagination, you can't go as far as American comedian, Craig Kilborn, went to innovate the art of being funny.

The Missouri native was the first host of Comedy Central's late-night talk show, The Daily Show. He rose to prominence as a host of ESPN's sports-related show, SportsCenter. Craig is also an actor, who has appeared in a comedy role in various movies, television series, and commercial.

Kraft Mac and Cheese: Craig gives a comedic edge to a television commercial of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ( published on 7 March 2016)

Craig prefers the deadpan comedy, keeping his face stoic as if his grandma died while delivering some of the funniest jokes.

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Life and Lies of Craig Kilborn: Salary & Net Worth Included

On 24 August 1962, Craig was born to an insurance executive father, Hiram, and mother, Shirley, in the Kansas City. The family then moved to the Hastings, Minnesota, where he went to Hastings High School. He received dual bachelor's degrees in theater arts and media from the Montana State University in 1984. 

Craig initialized his professional venture in television as a sports anchor of Fox-affiliated channel, KCBA. His career made a significant breakthrough when he was called by the ESPN network to anchor SportsCenter in 1993. Craig anchored the show for three years and later moved to Comedy Central in 1996 to become the host and writer the fresh, The Daily Show. He also anchored the CBS's show, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn for five years until 2004.

The talented media person made his first silver screen appearance in the 2003 American mockumentary comedy film, Pauly Shore is Dead. His notable works on movies and series include The Benchwarmers (2006), The Bronze (2015). He made a cameo in Kurt Fossil in the 2017 sitcom, Workaholics.

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For his remarkable performance in The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, he was nominated for the Teen Choice award two times in 2003 and 2004. Craig used to earn a salary of about $69,089 during his tenure at ESPN. He has accumulated the astonishing amount of net worth of $7 Million.

Dated Actress Amber Smith, Married After Separation

The 55-year-old does not prefer to flaunt his personal life. However, sources suggest that Craig was in a relationship with American actress, Amber Smith. He and his girlfriend, Amber started dating in 1998 and got separated in the same year. 

After a year of his separation, he tied the knot with "his love of 36 years."

Craig is the father of a thirty years old son named Jonathan. Jonathan was born in 1987, however, Craig has not revealed his biological mother to the media yet. As of 2018, he is reportedly single with no signs of a wife or a girlfriend.

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Craig Kilborn's Peculier Wedding, You'll Never Guess His Wife

Craig stunned his fans by getting married in the August of 1999—to himself. He married himself in a private ceremony and exchanged the vows with a mirror in front of him.

And for the honeymoon, he went to Catalina Island boarding a private helicopter and spent five nights masturbating. Due to this unusual activity, his fans got bewildered about this sexuality and started to profess him as a gay. However, he has not revealed his sexual preference to the date.

Whether there was any hidden meaning (hurrah! if there was) behind this action of Craig's is entirely the matter of speculation, but it did shock people and made them chuckle. That is probably the greatest feat a comedian can achieve and Craig nailed it in that regard.