American Actor Mike was seen chatting with two ladies in a parking lot after he reportedly parted ways from a romantic relationship. He is busy focusing on his unusual career, meeting strangers in random places.

The Baltimore native is predominantly known for hosting the Discovery Channel series, Dirty Jobs and the CNN series, Somebody’s Gotta Do It. The Former opera singer has an impressive resume with voluminous successful accomplishments in his professional career. He narrated the gold hunting show-Bearing Sea Gold from 2013 to 2018, and the fish-hoarding show-Deadliest Catch from 2013 to 2016. 

Taking Jobs: Mike Rowe discusses his journey from tradesman to TV celebrity and about the importance of a strong work ethic in an episode of The Daily Wire. He also answers why happiness is not a worthy goal (Published on Jul 29, 2018)

The multi-talented TV host is traveling around places exploring the beauty and creating awareness. He was seen in South Dakota promoting tech education in junior schools on 20 September 2018.

Mike Rowe Bio: Age, Parents

Michael Gregory Rowe ‘Mike’ was born in 18 March 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents, John Rowe and Penny Rowe were both teachers. He shares an affectionate bond with his family. Back in 2013, he celebrated his parents 53 years anniversary, sharing a beautiful picture of them on his Twitter.

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During his early years, Rowe attended Kenwood Presbyterian Church in Baltimore and he later graduated from the Overlea High School in 1980, where he met Freddie King, a choir director, who taught him theatre and singing.

During his early years at school, he was an Eagle Scout and had to read out to students of Maryland School for the Blind during his service. After graduating from high school, he studies at Essex Community College. The American actor graduated from Towson University in 1985, with a degree in communication studies. 

Multi-talented TV Host Carrer Ladder

Mike, 56, has been a TV host, writer, narrator, producer, actor and spokesman in his professional career. His acting career commenced in 1984 when he sang professionally with the Baltimore Opera. His career has been really successful. In his television career, he has traveled to all 50 states and completed 300 different jobs, creating unusual shows. 

The remarkable and adventurous TV host, during his early life, served as a TV host in the television show called Your New Home for WJZ-TV in Baltimore for 15 years. Then, he hosted some popular shows like Worst Case Scenarios for TBS; How Booze Built America on Discovery Channel;  Evening Magazine on KPIX-TV; and  Egypt Week Live!.

Mike's career took a significant turn when he started working on the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs in 2003. The Deadliest Catch narrator has also narrated for the shows, and How The Universe Works,  and hosted the shows C.R.A.P.; Returning the Favor, and Somebody's Gotta Do It.

Rowe also runs the MikeRoweWorks Foundation, which awards scholarships to students pursuing a career in the skilled trades. In addition to that, Mike’s website focuses on the decline of the blue-collar trades and the deteriorating American infrastructure.

Who Is His Wife? Is He Married? 

The friendly and adventurous host has been very private about his affairs. It is hardly ever been known if he has a girlfriend or if he is dating someone. The American actor has not been known to have married someone and information about his relationships are scarce. 

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However, a ray of information appeared when he was rumored to be dating American actress Danielle Burgio in 2015. It was not known when they had met and how they came to be, so the rumor just blew with the ashes in a short period of time. 

"Wife" Sees Him With Woman In Parking Lot

In June 2017, Mike, whom audiences voted as their number one fantasy in 2008, was spotted by his friend's wife "sitting in the middle of a deserted parking lot with two women."  His friend wrote that he didn't believe his wife, but Mike stated that his job displaces him in strange places with no pickups. His friend wrote,

"Mike - Please settle a bet. My wife swears she just saw you sitting in the middle of a deserted parking lot with two women. I assured her that was impossible for a man of your position. But then again, you do show up in some odd places...

Jim Rolfe"

On the Facebook post, he asked his friend to request the woman he married to pick him up if she ever found him isolated. 

Mike Rowe's friend spots him with two ladies in a parking lot in 2017 (Photo: Mike Rowe’s Facebook)

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Previously, in one of his interview with Discovery, he had hinted about his girlfriend, He had said that he was not married, but was pursuing "a life of serial monogamy with a very understanding woman in San Francisco."