Was FBI agent Asha Rangappa never married to anyone or is it just that she has done the 'impossible' by keeping her husband out of the spotlight? Who's the father of her child? These were the questions that raided her Twitter feed-- sometimes, even harassed by 'trolls'! 

The Virginia-native is a former FBI agent. During her crime-solving career, she specialized in areas like counterintelligence investigations, undercover work, and assessing threats to national security. Additionally, the former FBI agent worked as an associate dean at Yale Law School.

She currently roles as a senior lecturer at Yale Jackson College Of Global Affairs as well as an analyst on CNN.

CNN Coverage: Asha Rangappa discusses attacks of Russia and urges President Trump to stand up (Published on 12 June 2017)

Asha joined FBI as a special agent in the aftermath of the 9/11 incident.

Asha Rangappa's Bio

Born on 15 November 1974, Asha Rangappa was raised by her parents, Jai and Vinaya. Although her family origin trails to Karnataka, India, it is known that Asha was born on Hampton, Virginia (nationality American).

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Her bio reveals that the family had moved to the States after the Hart Celler Act of 1965 which allowed entry for immigrants possessing special skills. 

The American lawyer and lecturer Asha is not the only daughter that the family has as her older sister, Menace, also joins her, sharing a cordial relationship between each other. 

Growing up in Virginia, Asha completed her high school from Kecoughtan High School. Steered with a never dying will to study, she graduated from Woodrow Wilson School of Public as well as International Affairs at Princeton University.

After her graduation, she was awarded the Fulbright scholarship to study about constitutional reforms in Bogota, Colombia. Subsequently, she returned to the United States and earned her Juris Doctorate from Yale University.

Asha Rangappa Was Once Married To Mysterious Husband

Well, there has been no official information about her marriage, but it came as a shock that she's once a married woman. To elaborate further, Asha also has two children; one of them is a boy (11 years old), and the other is a girl (8 years old).  

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It was known that she and her mysterious husband had parted their ways in 2011 after seven years of being married together. 

Single Mother Asha Rangappa-- 'Tiger' Parent

Despite divorce from her husband, there's no stopping back from Asha as she is achieving everything she can from her career in hand. 

Asha has managed to stand up to take care of her two daughters. Living alongside her two children, the single mom raises her children ever-so-well.

Family Love: Asha Rangappa talks about her mother and her daughter on the occasion of mother's day through her twitter. (Photo: Asha Rangappa's Twitter)

The bold and independent Asha raises both of the children all alone, and the family of three reside in Hamden, Connecticut.

Is Andrew Dodd Her Mysterious Husband?

After it was known that Asha was a divorced woman, her followers on Twitter tried their best to dig into her relationship history and find out who really was her husband.

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On 26 May 2018, news about her being divorced for seven years tweet took its toll with several people analyzing with their own prospects. Morely, fellow FBI agent Andrew Dodd was claimed as her husband by one of her followers.

However, Asha gave no answers to them instead she found it offensive as a follower had mentioned her children. Being a protective mother, she fought back and even threatened to sue those who brought up her children to the argument.

I Am Divorced: Asha speaks about her relationship history (Photo: Asha Rangappa's Twitter) 

It was not the end of the topic yet as her 225k followers on twitter kept their inquiries on the flow, which eventually led to mixed outcomes about her relationship history. 

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She further voiced her amazement and frustrations from her 'unhinged followers digging up her information' on her ex-husband and other members of his family on 27 May 2018.

Enough is Enough: Asha expresses her views to her past being discussed (Photo: Asha Rangappa's Twitter)

The FBI agent might have managed to keep the spotlight away from her marriage, but being famous, she has been a 'victim' of social media privacy concerns. However, she stands resilient against the 'Twitter trolls' as she keeps fighting for her personal life's integrity.