A proud and openly gay activist who has been successful at traversing his career in TV shows, film, and theatres -- Wilson Cruz is an American actor. He is most popularly recognized for starring as Rickie Velasquez in the 90s American teen drama series My So-Called Life.

The American Puertorican actor is also known for his latest involvement in popular TV shows like Star Trek: Discovery and 13 Reasons Why.

His other acting honors include movies like Joyride (1996), Supernova (2000), Party Monster (2003), He's Just Not That Into You (2009), After Louie (2017), and the TV movie Pitch (2002).

Wilson Cruz Coming-Out As Gay Strained His Relationship With Parents

Graced into the world on 27 December 1973 at Brooklyn, New York, Wilson Cruz was born in a Puerto Rican family. He moved to California with his family at the age of 10 and grew up there. 

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His close relationship to parents was once strained when he came out as gay at the age of 19. His mother was hurt but supportive while his father was blown into a rage and threw him out of the house. This led him to spend the next few months living in his car and at the homes of friends. As of now, he has reconciled with his parents.

Family: Wilson Cruz shares a picture on the occassion of Christmas with his mom, dad and cousin (Photo: Wilson Cruz's Instagram| 26 December 2018)

He graduated from the Eisenhower High School. Later he attended California State University pursuing a degree in theatre and English until he joined the cast of My So-called family.

Wilson Cruz Started Off His Career Playing The Character Of Openly Gay Teen

The openly gay man with a height of 5' 8½" started his career off playing the role of troubled gay teen Rickie Velasquez on ABC's My So-Called Life.

After that, he starred in the movie Nixon and bagged a small role in the television movie On Seventh Avenue. In 1996 he starred in the movie Johns and in 1998, he starred as Angel in the Broadway production of RENT.

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Following that his career in the industry boomed and he started getting roles for several TV shows and movies. Since then he has appeared in Party of Five, Raising the Bar, All Over Me (1997), Margaret Cho's Bam Bam and Celeste (2005), Coffee Date (2007).

Star Trek: Wilson Cruz starring as Dr.Hughes, the character on a white suit in the CBS series (Photo: express.co.uk| 2018)

His latest and one of the big involvement of his career is in the CBS series Star Trek: Discovery. He plays the role of an out-gay Dr. Hugh Culber on the Star Trek series but sadly his character was killed off in the first season.

With such big success assembled as an actor in the land of Hollywood through his involvement in several movies and TV shows, he has been able to accumulate a heavy net worth of $2 million.

Wilson Cruz Met His First Boyfriend At The Age Of 18

As openly gay Wilson is, it isn’t the same when it comes to his gay love life. In fact, there have been no big headlines when it comes to his boyfriend, and it’s wounding the curiosity of fans who are dearly interested in his romantic life.

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All we know of his love life is about his first boyfriend named Harlan Howard with whom he fell in love at the age of 18. Besides that, he mentioned about his gay crushes on actor Joe Manganiello and MSNBC host TJ Holmes.

Tweets Related To Boyfriend: Wilson Cruz reveals his relationship status through a reply on his tweet (Photo: Wilson Cruz's Twitter| 2018)

Later, he made his relationship status clear via a Tweet in October 2018 marking National Boyfriend Day. Well, he is single, and his gay crushes give us some idea about what type of qualities he seeks in his potential future boyfriends out there.