American actor DJ Qualls has always been the one to keep his romantic life in the shadows. But he couldn't help himself and made a criterion for his married life with future wife.

DJ Qualls is an American actor and producer who is known for his appearance in movies like Road Trip, The New Guy, Hustle & Flow, and The Core. He is also quite known for appearing on television series like Breaking Bad and Supernatural.

Pulling Fame On Streets: DJ Qualls jokes about how a homeless man recognized him on the streets, and he realized that he was famous with Queen Latifah (Published on 7 July 2014)

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DJ Qualls appeared in a cameo in Britney Spears' 2001 music video of Boys, and the 2002 music video of I'm Just a Kid bySimple Plan.

DJ Qualls Reveals Reason From Young Age That Led To His Slender Body

The Nashville native was born as Donald Joseph Qualls on 10 June 1978 to parents Donnie and Debbie Qualls. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 14 and went through severe treatment for two years which led him to remission.

The chemotherapy he received at a young age sped up his metabolism and affected his system at a time of growth, resulting in his slender frame.

DJ, age 40, didn’t let his passion for acting die as he began his career in a local theatre company. After playing as an extra in the 1994 HBO film, Against the Wall, the actor landed a minor role in the miniseries Mama Flora’s Family.

It was in 2000 that DJ debuted in Road Trip as Kyle Edwards and started working as a model for Prada which led him to star in TV shows like Supernatural, Monk, Scrubs, Lost, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and My Name is Earl among many other series.

And let’s not forget to mention that his face resembles American actress Lauren Lapkus, and many people assume that Lauren is DJ’s sister.

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And from all the contribution he has provided for the entertainment industry, DJ has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Yeah, don’t be surprised. You saw that coming, considering the fact that DJ is basically the apple of the industry’s eye.

Is DJ Qualls Gay As They Say? 

Just like many other famous personalities, DJ didn’t get to escape the speculations of him being gay. And since DJ has a role of a gay guy named Ed McCarthy in the American television series, The Man in the High Castle, it was only feasible for people to make that assumption.

The third season of the show concentrated on gay, lesbian and bisexual characters which brought in the topic of DJ’s gay character who finds love in the arms of a Denver cowboy.

Another reason that adds to the speculations of DJ being gay is his constant support for gay people and their rights. He doesn’t bother to hold himself back while talking about how gay marriages should be legal everywhere.

But anyway, the actor hasn’t exactly addressed the rumors of him being gay, so there’s no saying if he swings for the other team.

DJ Qualls Plans For Future Wife Keeps Divorce Away

The actor isn’t someone who is quite open about the details on his romantic affairs with hidden girlfriends. While he is hesitant to talk about his mystery girlfriend, DJ did date his then-girlfriend Nikki Reed in 2006. But they broke up shortly after and have remained friends ever since.

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After that, DJ hasn’t been seen with anyone that could pull him in more rumors on his dating life. Well, he did open up about getting married to his perfect wife.

As a nerd, he confessed that he would prefer to get married to someone who shares his interest in science fiction and comic books. He also admitted that he prefers his future wife or girlfriend to come from a similar professional background as he is; that would help them to understand each other more.

And the actor even went to the extent of saying that he would only get married after accomplishing everything he wishes for in his life, as his professional goals might hinder his married life with his wife. Yeah, one thing’s for sure; when DJ gets married, there won’t be a single chance for divorce.