Not only is he an award-winning actor but he is also a vocal supporter of the African-American society and has used his celebrity status to promote African-American culture in the United States. Aldis Hodge is not your everyday guy. He is an actor, he writes scripts, he designs luxury timepieces, plays the violin and the clarinet and also is an avid painter and an artist.

He cemented his name in the acting business through his performance as Alec Hardison on the series Leverage. It is from there, he began his successful acting career. The North Caroline native has starred in a number of box office hits and TV shows such as Straight Outta Compton, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Black Mirror, Supernaturals, and many more. His performances have garnered him outstanding appraisals from critics and audiences alike.

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Let Us Find Out About Aldis Hodge Net Worth

Aldis Hodge has been applying his trade in front of the camera since the tender age of three when he booked a print job for Essence Magazine alongside his brother. From then, he continued to model for various commercials and print jobs until he decided to try his luck in acting; a move that turned out to be the right decision for Hodge.

Through countless films and movie appearances, Aldis has amassed himself fame and a massive fortune. Not only has he appeared in movies but has also provided his voice for games such as GTA: San Andreas, NBA 2k18 along with various ads and commercials. All this engagement has helped grow the actors net worth to a great extent.  As of 2019, the Underground actor has a net worth of $1 million.

Who Is Aldis Hodge Dating? Getting Married Anytime Soon?

Tall and handsome, Aldis Hodge has it all. His outstanding performances have gained him fan followings among which most of them are female fans. He is the guy of every girl's dream. Dashing smile, sparkling eyes and a personality to just melt anyone hearts, who wouldn't want to be dating Aldis Hodge?

As for Aldis himself, he has his eyes set on one person. She is no other than acclaimed artist Harmonia Rosales. Both Aldis and his girlfriend are avid art lovers with the latter being a renowned artist. The exact details as to when the two met remain undisclosed but it seems like their common interest for art might have brought them together.

His number of Instagram posts show him with his girlfriend either spending time on a lovely vacation or using their respective status in promoting African-American culture.

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Loving Moments: Actor Aldis Hodge enjoying a vacation with his girlfriend in Rome. (Photo: Aldis's Instagram)

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It is uncertain whether if Aldis has plans on getting married anytime soon as he has not spoken about it but it seems he plans to let their love grow and flourish before he is ready to pop the question and call Harmonia his wife.