American journalist Wolf Isaac Blitzer, the son of holocaust survivors, Cesia Blitzer and David Blitzer, has a beautiful family of three.

His family extended when his daughter gave birth to a baby boy and made him a grandfather. Know his family details!

Wife is a Professional Shopper

Blitzer married his wife, Lynn Greenfield, in 1973. They have been together for the past 48 years - getting close to their golden wedding anniversary.

While talking to the HUFFPOST in 2009, the CNN reporter disclosed his wife was a professional shopper at the Saks Fifth Avenue store. She helps him choose his neckties.

From their marriage, the couple has a daughter named Ilana Blitzer. She is a beauty director at two New-York based magazines — Health Magazine and All You Magazine. She graduated from Emory University.


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Daughter Married Twice

Blitzer's daughter, Ilana Blitzer, has married twice.

She first married Joseph Gendelman on November 7, 2008. They attended the same university but came to know each other only after their families became friends. Their marriage didn't last long as Ilana and Joseph divorced.

 Afterward, Ilana got married to David Snider in 2015. The wedding took place in Blue Hill At Stone Barns.


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A year after the wedding, Ilana gave birth to a baby boy, Ruben Daniel Snider, in August 2016 and made Blitzer a granddad.

Welcomed Grandson in the Family

The birth of the veteran journalist's grandson certainly enriched the family bliss. But, since Blitzer is a private person, he didn't come out publicly about his grandson to media outlets or his social media handles.

However, his news channel posted on his behalf. CNN's The Situation Room featured the good news about the baby on Facebook and uploaded an adorable photo of him holding his newborn grandchild.

The Situation Room reporter then congratulated Blitzer on behalf of the whole CNN family and expressed their joy in the latest addition to the "Wolf pack."

Blitzer has shared no glimpses of his grandson on his social media.