American journalist Peter Greenberg did not flaunt his marital status. Instead, he provided traveling guides for the married couple.

An Emmy-winning investigative reporter and producer is the most known, privileged and respected front-line travel news journalist in the United States. Peter is widely known as the Travel Editor for NBC's Today, CNBC and MSNBC. He currently serves as the Travel Editor for CBS News and reports regularly on the morning and evening shows on the network.

Peter Greenberg's Bio; Family Inside Shadow

Peter S. Greenberg, who celebrates his birthday on every 20th January, never disclosed about his actual age. Peter’s often flaunt his professional life, but he successfully puts his personal life beyond the reach of media. 

Despite being the front-line travel news journalist, his fans are still deprived of being acknowledged about his parents and his childhood lifestyle, as he hasn't gushed about them till date.

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Even though he never shed light on his parents, he keeps giving tips to other's family by suggesting several holiday destinations. Back on 22 November 2017, he shared a tweet in which he came up with suggestions for a family road trip. 

Suggestions For Family Trip: Peter Greenberg provides the ten tips for family road trips in November 2017 (Photo: Peter Greenberg's Twitter)

It's obvious that Peter Greenberg's personal life is beyond the reach of no one; however, he openly comes up about his professional life.

His Career On Journalism; ABC, NBC, CBS

He ignited his professional career in journalism as West Coast correspondent for Newsweek in Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

He served as the Travel correspondent for ABC's Good Morning America from 1988 to 1995. He also worked as the Travel Editor for NBC's morning show, Today, and its affiliations, CNBC and MSNBC from 1995 until 2009.

Peter produces and co-hosts an ongoing series of acclaimed PBS television specials. He is the CBS News Travel Editor, regularly reporting on The Early Show, its replacement CBS This Morning, and the CBS Evening News.

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Remembering his olds days from 1993, the year when he was working on a project for ABC’s Home Show, Peter posted a picture on Instagram standing in front of the direction board in Finland. Further, he mentioned that the temperature in Finland was about -18 degrees and the only thing that was driving him nuts on that cold was his passion for his work.

Traveling Guides For Viewers: Peter Greenberg discusses best destinations for the new year's eve on CBS This Morning in July 2018 (Photo:

As of now, Peter is an investigative reporter and producer for 'The Costco Connection' and is a contributing writer to many other magazines. He is also the author of The New York Times best-selling ‘Travel Detective’ series.

His Awards And Net Worth 

As for his notable works in the journalism sector, he was rewarded as an Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter and producer in 2012. He won a national Emmy Award for Best Investigative Reporting for his ABC 20/20 special on the final orphan flight out of Vietnam, “What Happened to the Children?.” 

He was even awarded by the U.S. Travel Association for his reporting in the travel and tours. Besides those immense rewards, he is paid an incredibly great looking compensation for his work and should have a net worth deserving of his hard work.

When it comes to earning, Peter receives the average salary of $158,549 as a reporter on the CBS network. His net worth also involves the income recieved from his multiple professional ventures.

But, because of the limited information, the exact figures of his net worth remain unclear.

Is Peter Greenberg Married Or Still Single?

Same as his family, his relationship status also remains veiled as he loves to be secretive about his love life. As Peter kept his lips zipped while baffling about his marital status, his love life remains mysterious whether he is married or dating someone.

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However, it might be the case too; he has never been entangled with non of the ladies to whom he can proclaim as a wife.

As he never clued about his romantic love life, one should have the endurance till the date; he comments on his love life to grasp whether he is married or still staying in a single category.

Even though he places his relationship status out of reach of paparazzi, he keeps giving tips on marriage promoting his travel business ideas.

Advice For Married Couple: Peter Greenberg provides marriage suggestions on May 2015 (Photo: Peter Greenberg's Twitter)

It shows that Peter, who is actively involved in his profession, is yet to begin another phase of his personal life after getting married.

Peter Greenberg Announces The New PeterGreenberg.Com 

Peter relaunched his website after doing some renovation work to make it America’s number one premier travel news website.

To make it more interesting for the audience, Peter also hosted a travel photo contest on his website and announced a winner every week after making the audience participation on his competition by sending their travel picture on his site through

Moreover, the website is aimed to provide access to all of the travel news, tips as well as videos revealing the hidden gem locations all around the world.