Victoria Arlen's raunchy argentine tango in the 25th season of hit dance show Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) set the hearts racing of all the viewers glued to their TV sets. What's more, it was not just her fans wanting a piece of her after her dance, it also nearly rekindled her romance. 

A woman of multiple talents, Victoria Arlen, is a sportscaster, motivation speaker, actress, and a Paralympic gold medallist. The former contestant of DWTS, she is currently associated with ESPN and is one of the youngest feature reporter working for the network. 

Today Show: Victoria Arlen shares her inspirational story of life. (Published on 25 April 2018)

The former American Paralympian swimmer currently features as a television personality for ESPN.

Victoria's Family Of Triplets; Supportive Father Disappointed With IPC Decision

Victoria was born on 26 September 1994 to her parents Jacqueline Arlen and Larry Arlen, security camera businessman. In 2012, when Paralympic Swimming World Championships decided to rule Victoria, he fumed about the IPC decision.

Later, Victoria qualified for the Summer Paralympics. Her family has always been side by side on her career which is the reason she always keeps a close relationship with them.

Daddy's Girl: Victoria poses with her father as they fly across the country in her birthday week. (Published on 28 September 2018)

In her family, the inspirational dancer is a triplet and has two brothers named L.J. William and Cameron.

Taking Illness As Strength, Victoria Arlen Never Gave Up

Victoria's life is one of the most heartwarming inspirational stories. As a child, she was active in sports and particularly loved swimming. She was like a little dynamite, full of energy, and always bouncing with joy. 

The joy, however, did not last long. When she was 11, she started feeling pain on the right side of the abdomen. Ther doctors, thinking it to be an illness related to the appendix, duly performed an appendectomy but the pain did not subside. 

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And in 2006, a year later, her body slowly gave up. She lost all her motor functions and cognitive functions. In other words, she could not walk, could not even move, speak, or even blink. Her family members and doctors alike could not identify the trigger for her illness. It took seven years for the diagnosis with the doctors claiming her to have transverse myelitis and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, two of the rarest autoimmune diseases which affected her brain and spinal cord. 

For three years she laid motionless in her personalized hospital bed, without uttering a word. The doctors informed her family of the inevitable, but they did not give up. However, in January 2009, after three years in the vegetative state, she finally regained her senses. She could hear others talk, but she could still not speak. During her coma state, she could listen to her doctors and family talking about not making up. 

However, the worst fears of the family were allayed when she gradually showed signs of life. She slowly progressed and learned to read, write and speak again. She had lost four valuable years of her life to the illness and wanted to get better faster so that she could follow all those things she missed. 

After endless sessions with therapists and supportive family behind her back, she enrolled for her degree and took to the pool once again. Despite recovering from the vegetative state, she still was paralyzed below her waist with doctors concluding that she would remain the same for all her life. 

After learning swimming again, she competed at 2012, London Paralympics and won four medals a gold medal and three bronzes.

After the Paralympics, she started touring around the country speaking about her ordeals and inspiring numerous persons with her life story. And it was in 2015 ESPN came calling and she duly obliged, making her one of the youngest people in sports broadcasting scene. 

Her win over her illness came full circle when she joined paralysis recovery center called Project Walk, and slowly got her movements back. What's more, in the year 2017, she ticked off another of her dream of competing in the DWTS. Not only did she took part, but she also challenged for the win in the show with her partner Val Chmerkovskiy, eventually finishing in the fifth place. 

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DWTS not only gave her moments to cherish, but she also heard from someone who she had never imagined she would ever talk. 

Dancing Her Way Back To World, Boyfriend's Envy

The hit ABC show DWTS showcased her struggle and four years she spent trapped inside her own body and her return back to healthy living. 

Dancing Away The Troubles: Victoria Arlen with dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy during a dance routine in DWTS in 2017 (Photo:

Not only did she received undiluted adulations for her incredible life story, but her dances were also applauded. After a particularly raunchy dance, Argentinian tango in one episode, she received a call from her ex-boyfriend. Despite the call being on to congratulate Victoria on her sexy dance, it was unusual. This was because Victoria never felt she would hear back from him, or even ever speak to him. 

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However, not only did he called back, he cryptically asked her to come back to his life. 

Despite turning down the dating offer from her boyfriend, Victoria ticked another box in her life of speaking to someone who she never felt would ever talk again.

Who is Victoria Arlen's Boyfriend?

Once a traitor is always a traitor, Victoria might have been influenced by her ex-boyfriend's word of forgiveness, but their re-unite couldn't last long. It is not known about the split date, but it is known that Victoria moved on from him and found herself a better partner. She took it to twitter to notify about her relationship. 

Relationship Bound: Victoria Allen poses with her new boyfriend Ryan Callahan. (Photo: Victoria's Twitter)

It looked as if the dancer had finally found the love of her life as she was very happy with her relationship with Ryan Callahan.

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However, the relationship did not work out as Victoria would've wanted. Hence the couple split but the news of split has remained behind the curtains as of yet. The inspirational dancer moving on from the series of heartbreaks now seem to realize that she is very young for the relationship cringe.

As of 2018, Victoria is fully focused on her career and does not seem to plan any relationship soon.