After working for about a decade with sports broadcaster ESPN, Jonathan Coachman decided to let his contract expire and left the ESPN. Despite earning millions through a massive deal with ESPN, his decision to leave the network is vindicated. 

American Sports interviewer and commentator Jonathan Coachman signed up in April 2018, for the Golf Channel to act as the play-by-play man for 'Clash in the Canyon,' an event in the World Long Drive Association(WLDA) calendar. What's more, the TV personality is also back full time to wrestling after signing up as a color commentator for RAW on 29 January 2018.  

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In 2018, he Jonathan served as a point guard, commentator, and interviewer at WWE for its wrestling shows and helps add the stories that make the events and nights. He was the panel member of professional wrestling pay-per-view event Survivor Series produced by WWE for their Raw, SmackDown, and 205 Live brands. It took place on November 18, 2018, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.  His contract with WWE RAW expired on September 10, 2018, due to which he has left the Raw commentary team. He was replaced by Renee Young, and he is now the new pre-show panel host for pay-per-views shows of WWE.

Jonathan Coachman signs up as the play-by-play commentator with Golf Channel for WLDA in April 2018 (Photo:

Jonathan was married to Amy Coachman in 1999. He shares two children with his wife, who is a former college athlete, and a personal trainer. Despite rumors of his divorce from his wife of 20 years surfaced in 2017, after being accused of sexual abuse, he and his wife are still together.  He vehemently denied the accusation through his twitter on 6 March 2018.

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The TV personality was born on 12 August 1972, in McPherson, Kansas as Jonathan William Coachman.  He was a basketball player at his school McPherson High School in Kansas and continued playing for McPherson College. Growing up as a basketball player and wrestler, Jonathan was not new to wrestling. His first foray into TV came after working as a color commentator in College basketball games which eventually led him to Kansas City news station KMBC-TV. Initially, he was roped in to act as a correspondent for Larry King's show about wrestler Owen Hart's death in 1999. 

He joined WWF as a backstage interviewer in 1999 and proved to be a hit after his playful interviews with wrestler turned actor The Rock came to light.

The presenter, known more affably as The Coach, swapped backstage with the front after being announced as Commentator and Assistant to Eric Bischoff in 2003. After three years with Eric, he was named Executive Assistant and Interim General Manager, a post he held till 2008.

After nine years with WWF turned WWE, he moved to ESPN in 2009 and was the face of ESPN's sports center from 2015 to 2017, before his departure.

After ESPN he has been involved with WWE again in 2018 and also is spreading his wings into golf after signing up with golf channel. 

Leaves ESPN Despite Earning Millions

Jonathan Coachman surprised many of his fans by announcing his decision to leave the sports broadcasting channel. Commanding a salary of $500K per annum and with a huge fan base, Jonathan's decision was met with gasps. What's more, he was leaving ESPN after the channel helped him amass a decent net worth of $ 2 million. 

His decision to leave ESPN was not on based on financial grounds but because of creative differences. The wrestling fanatic was frustrated with ESPN's tendency to control creative content was not allowed to focus mainly on his passion; Wrestling. 

Speaking to Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast the wrestler turned broadcaster explained that ESPN wanted to dip a toe in the water but not the whole feet. This was about ESPN's little coverage about wrestling. 

However, his decision to leave ESPN proved to be a success as he was able to focus more on wrestling and WWE, through his social media site periscope and later by being affiliated with Golf Channel. Golf channel not only provided the star to broaden his horizon to another sport, but he also had the freedom to control his content. 

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Talking about his personal life, the 47-year-old commentator is a family man who loves to spend his time with his family especially kids. He went to his son's school in November 2018 for the 8-year-old's baseball game competition and encouraged all the dads to take the time to make the effort and teach kids to embrace each moment and learn how to live in the present.

Coachman concluded the year 2018 by posting an emotional message on his Instagram. He stated that his father has gone through a heart transplant surgery in December 2018, which was a hard phase for him and his family in the year, but the surgery was a success and he is heading into 2019 with a new found respect and appreciation for each day with positivity and respect.