Few people in the world cherish the minutiae of the life: a minute of peaceful silence with your partner by your side, watching your children play, the quiet hour in front of the stove and boiling pot. In the world so invested in grand and glorious things that it has all but forgotten about the beauty of little things, Jenna Wolfe seems to be the one following the less treated path.

It is not as if Jenna hasn’t achieved anything, quite the contrary, she is always busy with her job and owns a huge net-worth. But, in spite of everything, she still seems to treasure the small moments, the moments that, for everyone else, are mundane and lackluster.

Jenna is a Jamaican-born American journalist, who right now, is the host of the First Thing First, a roundtable talk show about American football(NFL).

Jenna's Latest Show (First Thing First): Jenna Wolfe talks about Kansas City Chief's victory and Partick Mahomes role in the victory (Published on 2 October 2018)

Jenna rose to fame with her career in NBC, first as a correspondent for Today, then as a Weekend Today news anchor, finally again back with Today as a fitness and lifestyle correspondent.

Jenna Wolfe's Short Bio

The American journalist was born on 26 February 1974 in Jamaica, raised in Petionville, Haiti, and later moved to the United States when she was 15.

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Jenna attended SUNY (State University of New York) Geneseo and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Binghamton College.

Jenna Wolfe's Salary and Net Worth; Another Show Now After Leaving Today

Jenna has done everything she had the skills to do.

Since her graduation, ever-versatile Jenna has worked for different networks, done a wide variety of jobs. With skills ranging from anchoring to news reporting to fitness training, the journalist has tried her hand in almost everything she could do, and with commendable success.

It was probably her years in NBC that were most fruitful to her (including the meeting with her partner Stephanie Gosk), especially with the show Today.

However, her desire to change and live the life to its fullest led her into leaving Today for a hosting job in Fox’s First Thing First, a sports show (not something she had done before), which she is working on as of now.

Thanks to her willingness to take challenges head-on and an unsurpassable finesse at everything she does, everyone she has worked for willingly pays her huge amount of salary. Jenna's net worth a culmination of her year-long salary with various networks now amounts to $2 million.

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The net worth figures, however, is on an upwards trajectory as she is scaling newer heights in her career and with that commanding bigger salary.

Family Life: Treasuring Little Things In Life

The story of her personal life is not the story of interesting and great achievements like the story of her career. Rather it is the story of how happiness can be achieved in smallest of the things.

Jenna met her partner when she was working for NBC, a fellow NBC employee Stephanie Gosk. There wasn't much speculation about the two. So, when she announced that she was having a baby, without a husband but with the soon-to-be wife, she actually sent shockwaves throughout the media.

It was a great act of courage to come out as a gay for a high-achieving person like Jenna (and Stephanie). But Jenna and Stephanie decided to take that risk, putting their glory on the line to achieve the mundane familial happiness.

Enjoying Nothingness with the Family: Jenna Wolfe and her partner Stephanie Gosk share the little moments of joy with each other (Photo: Jenna Wolfe's Instagram)

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They have achieved the happiness now—without having to lose their glory—with two daughters and love for each other. The two (wife and wife) and their two can be seen in social media sharing those little moments and cherishing them.