Swiss-sensation Cindy Landolt always dreams of a fitter and healthier world, making it her mission to effectively relay awareness on fitness training and nutrition management. 

The Wetzikon-native is renowned all over the world as a Swiss Superwoman because of her impressive physique. She is a personal trainer by profession and a pioneer of livestream fitness coaching.

Cindy is a source of inspiration for women because of her more than perfect physique, which inspires thousands of women to realize their dreams of a fitter body. 

Cindy Landolt Had a Passion for Fitness from a Young Age, Bio Reveals!

Cindy was born in the small town of Wetzikon, Switzerland, on January 11, 1985.

She was very fond of sports as a child. She participated in many outdoor games like swimming, snowboarding, skiing, and hiking.

These proved to be the bricks of her foundation as she started to grow a strong passion for sports and fitness from an early age. 

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Cindy got enrolled into a gymnastics team at the tender age of 5. She was very good at it too. After all, she had spent years in practice. Later, her passion extended into other extreme sports like weightlifting.

How Cindy Landolt’s Pursuit For Fitter Body Led To Her Career As Personal Trainer

Cindy fell in love with her body from a young age and dreamed of a fitter, stronger, and bigger body. By the time she hit sixteen, she had started to peak physically, growing taller and gaining weight.

Later she joined the Swiss Academy of Fitness and studied there for three years, graduating with a diploma which made her a qualified professional fitness instructor—the first step towards her dream.

Cindy As Physical Instructor: Cindy giving instructions to her client in her gym (Photo: Cindy's Twitter)

Cindy wanted to transmit her passion and her love for a fitter and healthier body to the world. Therefore, she created an online website that provided live stream fitness coaching for clients, the first website to do so.

By 2016, her fame caught fire because of her muscular abs and sizzling body. She began gaining a lot of followers on her social media websites. Amid growing success, she opened her fitness club in Zurich, Switzerland.

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As a result of her fame, Cindy keeps featuring in magazines, newspapers, and TV worldwide as the fitness guru and boasts more than 600k followers in her social media profiles.

Cindy Landolt’s Amazing  Body Measurements

With a jaw-dropping figure, Cindy Landolt’s fans are always eager to know the exact measurements of her body figures.

Cindy’s height is 5ft 10inch (1.79 m), and her weight is 78 kg (172 lbs). Her perfect-looking athletic body measures 38-26-36.

The Swiss Superwoman hits the gym four times a week to work out for around an hour to maintain her perfect physical condition.

Cindy Landolt On Married Life

Cindy has lived her whole life as a self-motivated person, dreaming big and being determined to achieve it, pushing herself to the limit to succeed. 

She is living her dream of a perfect body, with her attractive persona drawing admirers and followers worldwide.

She has a  huge fan base on social media sites interested to know if Cindy is married, dating someone, or single. But Cindy likes to keep her personal life very private and a low-key affair.

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However, on her personal Twitter account, she revealed that she is not married; it's hard to say if she is dating a boyfriend. On that note, fans have even begun speculating if Cindy Landolt is actually a lesbian.

Cindy's Tweets on Marriage: Cindy tweets her opinion on her boyfriend and on her getting married (Source: Cindy's Twitter) 

Perhaps she is focusing on her career at the moment rather than her love life, or she is hiding a mysterious boyfriend under the wraps. 

Who knows? Only time can tell now.