American basketball star Brittney Griner's life turned upside down when she had to divorce her wife just after a month of marriage. But three years later, with a new girlfriend, and a marriage on the horizon, it seems that her life is coming back on track.

The Texas-native is one of America's most excellent basketball player, playing for Phoenix Mercury and winning the title in 2014 for them. Brittney also won the 2016 Olympic gold medal for the US team.

In All-Star Team: Watch Brittney's 2018 WNBA season highlight; she was included in the all-star team for the fifth year (Published on 19 July 2018)

On her debut game, Brittney made the record for most dunks in WNBA.

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How Brittney's Abnormally Tall Height Shaped Her Career

On 18 October 1990 in Houston, Texas, Brittney was born to Sandra Griner and grew up with three older siblings, two elder sisters, and an elder brother. She shares very special bonds with her two sister and her nieces and nephews.

Standing at an abnormally tall height of 6 ft. 9 inches, Brittney was gifted to become a basketball player from an early age. Thanks to her manly body, during her high school days in Nimitz High School in Houston, Brittney trained with boys’ basketball team.

Brittney Griner's Career: Fifth All-Star Appearance In Six Seasons

Starting her career by making the record of most single-game dunks (seven) for her high school, Brittney went on to play for the Baylor University team.

After college, she was drafted by Phoenix Mercury and went on to have an impressive debut season; she was even included in the all-star team of the season.

Brittney went on to appear on consecutive all-star appearances; she appeared in the all-star games in five out of six seasons she participated, and the one season she didn't appear (2016) there was no all-star game at all because of the Rio Olympics.

In 2016 she was included in the US national team for Rio Olympics and went on to win her first gold medal.

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With her team paying her the maximum WNBA salary of $107,000, Brittney has gathered a mouth-watering net worth of $3 million.

She Married & Then Divorced Within A Month, Wife Raising Twins As Single Mother

In an interview with (2013) Brittney came out as a lesbian. Soon after, in August of 2014, she announced that she was engaged to fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson. It seemed like everything was going great for Brittney.

However, things got ugly between the girlfriends as they got into a physical fight only eight months after the engagement.

After that, things were momentarily calm; girlfriend Glory became wife Glory on 8 May 2015. But that was not to stay so for longer.

Only a month after being married the couple announced that Brittney’s wife was pregnant with twins. The very next day, Brittney filed for a divorce, believing that her wife had been cheating on her with a man.

Since the divorce in 2016, Glory has been raising the twins on her own, as a single working mother.

Brittney  Found Love Again & Got Engaged To New Girlfriend

Three years after the ordeal with Glory, Brittney found the love again, as she was engaged to her current girlfriend, Cherelle Watson, in 2nd August this year.

Brittney met Cherelle when both were studying at the Baylor University. Owing to various circumstances around them, the couple had split.

But they reconnected recently and started dating again. Before anybody knew, the girlfriends were fiances.

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With Future Wife: Brittney Griner and girlfriend, Cherelle Watson, are soon going to be married (Photo: Brittney's Instagram | 20 August 2018)

Unlike with Glory, Brittney doesn't seem to have any conflict with Cherelle, at least not yet.

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Brittney's personal life once might have been dismal, but it has turned happy again. With love between Brittney and her future wife clearly evidenced in the Instagram photos, it seems that this relationship might be the one to last long.