American basketball phenomenon Breanna Stewart's career has already spoken louder than most of her fellow players, but her personal life is very hazy in the public's eyes. While one after another women's basketball players came out as lesbian, Breanna kept her mouth shut about her personal life--except for probably joking around about dating and boyfriends.

Breanna Stewart is one of most decorated players in WNBA history, who plays for Seattle Storm and recently won them their third WNBA title in 2018.

WNBA Champions: Breanna Stewart wins WNBA MVP and WNBA Finals MVP in the process of winning WNBA title for Seatle Storm (Published on 12 September 2018)

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Before WNBA, Breanna won four consecutive titles (every year she played) for her college in the national championships.

Breanna's Step-Father Taught Her Basketball From Early Age

On 27 August 1994, Breanna Stewart was born in Syracuse, New York to Brian and Heather Stewart. Since her biological father was never around, her mother had to work multiple jobs to put food on the plate for herself and her daughter.

Then, as Breanna grew older in age, her stepfather came into the picture who got her to like basketball and taught her the game and the skills.

Biologically built to play basketball because of her tall height, Breanna played for her high school, Cicero-North Syracuse High School, and later for the University of Connecticut and led the UConn to four consecutive national championship titles.

Breanna Has Become One Of Most Decorated Players At Only 24 Years Of Age

Impressed by her performance with UConn, Seattle Storm drafted Breanna for 2016 WNBA season, and in her debut game against Los Angeles Sparks, she scored 23 points.

That season she earned WNBA Rookie of the Year Award. Her performance, however, got better with the year and in 2018, at only 24 years of age, Breanna not only won her team the championship title but also won WNBA MVP and WNBA Finals MVP.

Breanna Stewart's Salary, Net Worth Mounting Rapidly

All her success as a player has also been translated into her net worth. An average WNBA player earns the salary of around $ 75 thousand every year. While Breanna is still a youngster, her lack of experience is balanced by her impressive performance. Meaning, she must be earning somewhere around that average mark.

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Apart from her regular WNBA salary, Breanna is earning massive sums from her association with Nike. Everything combined, Breanna’s net worth must be in hundreds of thousands. And with a long career still to come, she is bound to earn in millions.

Breanna's Dating Life Enigma: Is She Lesbian Or Romancing With Boyfriend?

While Breanna is creating the sensation in her professional life, her personal life is equally silent. At 24 years of age, there has been no news of Breanna’s dating a boyfriend, or a husband for that matter.

The lack of news has also prompted the rumors among the fans that she might be lesbian; many of her fellow basketball players are. Her own teammate in the Seattle Storm, Sue Bird, is an openly lesbian and recently got married to her partner, Megan Rapinoe. Breanna, however, hasn't yet talked about her sexuality herself.

Instead of talking about her boyfriend and her dating life, Breanna likes to spend her time with her family, especially her mother.

Mother's Day: Breanna thanks her mother, Heather Stewart, on the occasion of mother's day for all the sacrifices she gave while raising her (Photo: Breanna's Twitter)

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It is actually good to spend time with people you care about instead of obsessing about who you are or will be dating. That being said, fans are less likely to be satiated by photos with mother. 

Breanna might be still single looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend or already dating, but it is unlikely for her to have a husband. Anyway, for now, it looks like Breanna is letting her work speak her name and her personal life remain silent.