The Haves and the Have Nots and Mixed-ish star Tika Sumpter is an actress, singer, producer, television host, and model who started her career in 2004. She got her big break as a co-host for the reality series Best Friend's Date. Since then, she has done various projects, from music-themed films to biopics. 

The actress is currently in a relationship with her co-star from The Haves and the Have Nots, Nick James. They met on the set of the TV series and have been together since then. Not much is known about their relationship since the duo keeps it private. 

Sumpter and James announced their engagement in January 2017. After four years of being engaged, the love birds are finally ready to tie the knot. 

Tika Sumpter and Nick James’ Marriage 

In an interview with Essence on February 2021, Sumpter revealed she was finally ready to get married. She went little into details about why they waited for four years, but now, she wants to walk down the aisle as soon as possible. 

The COVID-19 pandemic had a role to play —Being in quarantine made her crave a celebration with friends and family. The Mixed-ish star shared how some of her family members passed away from the virus, and some were getting older. Sumpter believes this is the time to be close with friends and family more than ever. 

Sumpter did not give the exact date for the wedding, but one thing is for sure — it will take place after the pandemic is over. She confirmed she would plan it this year, and the wedding will happen approximately next year.  

Tika Sumpter’s Daughter Helped With the Engagement 

Sumpter welcomed her daughter, Ella-Loren, on October 2016. Back then, she did not reveal who the father was, but she later confirmed it was none other than her husband-to-be.

Sumpter believes motherhood has changed her and made her more vulnerable. She didn’t know that she could be open about her experiences and not be judged for them before giving birth to her daughter. The actress opened up about her childhood and the type of mother she wanted to be with in October 2019. 

Stumper wants to give Ella everything she didn’t get from her mother. Following her own childhood experiences, she wants to change a few things about she raises her child. 

Sumpter wants to raise her baby to be an aware human being who can look up to her mother and be inspired. 

Ella helped her father James propose to Sumpter. Months after giving birth to her daughter, the actress gushed about her engagement on The Real. She shared the adorable story of how her fiancé created a small scavenger hunt in the house. 

Sumpter had a feeling that James was about to propose to her, but the feeling went down the drain when she discovered the gift was a Peloton bike. Nonetheless, James surprised her with a message in a letter hidden by their daughter. It was the proposal to which Sumpter happily said yes. 

What is Tika Sumpter's Net Worth?

Sumpter does it all. From singing to acting to hosting shows to modeling, she is a jack of all trades. The Final Space star has worked in 32 projects as an actress, including her two upcoming movies — Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Ride Along 3. She has also produced two films — The Nomads and Southside with You. 

With all the projects she has done to date, Sumpter has amassed a net worth of a whopping $6 million. Since she has a few more lined up for her, the actress’s net worth is bound to increase in the upcoming future.