Born as the 'golden child' in an Indian family, British-Asian Actor Sacha Dawan was expected to get married traditionally: Arranged marriage. However, he decided to get married on his own terms! 

The British-Asian actor is well-acclaimed for his performances on a variety of genres, theatre, film, television, and radio. His prominence has been growing alongside his age after he started his career as a child actor.

Fist On Flames: Marvel's Iron Fist Season 2 Official Trailer featuring Finn Jones, and Sacha Dhawan (Published on 16 August 2018)

The 34-year-old reached the peak of his career height when he portrayed a British-Asian Ethnic author, Sathnam Sanghera, in his critically adored film adaptation of the author's memoir entitled The Boy With The Topknot.

In his career, he has performed a variety of roles, from playing in biopics of actors and authors to a character whose wife’s father is a terrorist, along with impersonation of a gay persona, and one half of a pregnant couple, to list a few. Recently, he has been featuring in Netlflix's series, Iron Fist.

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At Age Twelve, Sacha Began His Journey As Actor

At the age of twelve, Dhawan pursued a career in acting after he enrolled himself at the Laine-Johnson Theatre School in Manchester. While attending Aquinas College in Stockport, one of the authors he studied for his final year was Alan Bennett, someone he admired very much.

Sacha’s love for Bennett’s art landed him the role on Bennett’s play, The History Boys after he impressed the author through his acting skill as well as his poetic extravaganza. On the London stage, he won over the author’s heart by reciting a poem he had composed about the play and the author himself.

Since then, he has appeared in stage versions of 'The History Boys' around the world as well as starring in its 2006 film adaptation.

Dhawan's Career: The Boy With The Topknot, An Adventure in Space and Time, Outsourced

He featured in the mini-series The Last Train (1999) and has guest starred in shows including EastEnders, All together Now, and City Central.

Featuring in the biopic of actor William Hartnell directed by famous director Waris Hussein, he gained more fame. Then in November 2013, he portrayed the role of Waris Hussein in a documentary-drama called An Adventure in Space and Time. The show was a tribute to Doctor Who on its 50th Anniversary.

He also played Paul Jatri, a 22-year-old man involved with a woman twice his age, in BBC One's comedy series, Last Tango in Halifax.

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Aside from that, his other significant roles include the NBC sitcom Outsourced, and the 2008 ITV drama, Wired, playing the role of Ben Chandrakar. He also had recurring characters in British television shows, Weirdsister College, and Out of Sight.

However, his performance as Sathnam Sanghera in the critically acclaimed The Boy With The Topknot, shown on BBC 2 in 2017 led him to become one of the most beloved British-Asian actors.

As of 2018, Dhawan is playing the part of Davos in the Netflix series Iron Fist.

Sacha Dhawan's Short Bio: Ethnicity, Height, Age

Sacha, age 34, is a very proud possessor of the Indian Ethnicity, derived from his Hindu-religioned parents.

He was born on 1 May 1984 in Bramhall, Stockport. Standing at a decent height of 5 feet and 7 inches (170.2 cm), the actor attended Aquinas College in Stockport for his high schooling.

Is Sacha Dawan Gay?

Privacy is an integral part of every human beings. While some believe that being open about oneself is the way to go, others think that it’s best kept a secret. Many stars have the habit of hiding behind such curtains, hiding their intimacy, romance, and their dating lifestyle. Sacha also belongs to such a group.

Bred in a traditional Indian family, he had a strict childhood--as illustrated in his movie, The Boy With The Topknot. The film showcased the difficulties that arose, being a part of an Indian family. One of the core highlights of the movie was its portrayal of an Indian family where relationships and romance had to be veiled away from the family.

Quite parallel to the story of Sathnam, he has also chosen to hide his relationships from his family and a wider public. His low-profiled dating life has even prompted questions about his sexuality, asking whether he was gay. However, he is not.

Although Dawan has kept his privacy much intimate, he has also shared that he has been in relationships with many girls in an interview while talking about the movie, The Boy With The Topknot.

Sacha Dawan On Getting Married: I Will Pick My Wife!

Sacha Dawan is the only son in his family which also consists of two sisters. Because of that, his family had many ideas as to which type of girl would be the perfect wife of him. As the golden child, he was expected to get married traditionally--with a girl that his parents chose for him.

However, after playing the movie with similar synopsis, he acknowledged in an interview with Metro on 7 November 2017 talking about how the film showed enormous problems faced by Asian families, esp regarding marriage. He also opened up that the movie helped him accept his dual identity as a British and Indian man.

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With that said, Dawan revealed that the movie helped him to be more open about himself and his relationship in many ways that he hadn’t imagined.

He further clarified that if he intended to get married someday, it would be in his own accord not in a traditional Indian wedding. His wife her added would be the love of his life, not just a random girl chosen by his family member. 

After all, it's him who has to spend his whole life with his partner, not his family!